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Interview with James, Charles, Doug, Nick, Erik, Edwin, Will, Rickey, Lee, David, Ann and Scott

JM: Did you have regular access to telephones?
James: Yeah, but a lot of inmates hogged them.
Charles: Define regular.
Doug: Sometimes
Nick: Yes except during 6-7 because of meetings.
Erik: yes all the time but they are not collect nore free
Edwin: Yes you do have regular access to the phone
Will: Yes but the phones were collect only.
Rickey: they sucked they where always broke
Lee: Yes, we had daily access to phones.
David: Not so much while you were on the 4th floor because there were so many people using the free phones. Once you got up on the other floors it was better be cause the phones were collect only and not so many people would use them.
Ann: i did not have regular access to phones
Scott: i only could make phone calls in the holding cell

JM: What types of charges applied for calling people? How much money would you guess the average inmate spends per week on phone calls?
James: After taxes and billing fees and billing fees for the billing fees about $3.00 for a 30 minute call to Broward and Dade. $7.50 for a 6 minute call to Tampa, and $19.00 for a 12 minute call to NY.
Charles: Telekenetix, like $2.85 for connect and out the ass for each minute.
Doug: Too much
Nick: I believe it was 2.50 a call for 30 minutes. I think inmates spend around 5-50 dollars a week.
Erik: there would be a connect charge then a minute by minute rate, I would say someone would spend $60 a week on phone calls
Edwin: You have to buy a phone card... I would say an inmate spends $20 to $40 a week on calls
Will: Calls were about five bucks each for local calls, but all my calls were long distance and cost$40.
Rickey: 30 dollars
Lee: I'm not sure but I imagine inmates costed their loved ones hundreds of thousands with all the calls made, and the lengths of most of them.
David: It's around $15.00 a call on the collect phones. For the most part people would spend whatever their family could afford to pay.
Ann: i would say its about $5 per call,,most inmates would use all their loved ones money up in just one week of being there
Scott: i didnt call anybody but an inmate that was on the same floor or dorm next to me said it was 2 dollars

JM: Did you need to buy phone cards to call out?
James: It was collect call only--except at booking.
Charles: To call cell phones.
Doug: no
Nick: No phone cards are not required.
Erik: no you must set up a prepaid account
Edwin: Yes.I had to buy a phone caed.
Will: No.collect calls only. Palm beach county let us buy phone cards
Rickey: no
Lee: No, all calls were collect.
David: Maybe now but at that time it was collect calls only.
Ann: phone cards were not an option,but they had pre paid billing for our families
Scott: i did not call anybody so i dont know what you need to call out

JM: Did the jail screen your calls?
James: They said they did.
Charles: Of course.
Doug: don't know
Nick: Yes all calls are recorded and screened.
Erik: yes all call but lawyer calls
Edwin: Yes the jail screned and recorded phone calls.
Will: There were signs saying they were recorded
Rickey: yes
Lee: Yes, everyone of them were screened.
David: Yes, calls were screened by computer for key words and all calls are recorded on a hard drive.
Ann: all call were being recorded,most of the time you didnt even get to finish your call
Scott: when i used the phone in the holding cell my girlfriend told me that it says for her to accept the calls the calls were being monitored

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