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Good Behavior

Interview with James, Charles, Doug, Nick, Erik, Edwin, Will, Rickey, Lee, David, Ann and Scott

JM: Did you get off early based on good behavior?
James: From prison yes, County no.
Charles: I managed to keep off violent offender thanks to my lawyer.
Doug: Yes
Nick: Yes I was, my gain time was accumulated to get me out faster.
Erik: I was given good time at the start and never had It deducted
Edwin: I didn't, but I know alot of non violent offenders did receive good time ...
Will: I didn't get timoff for good behavior because the county didn't award it
Rickey: no
Lee: No, I came home two months later because of two DR's.
David: If you were already sentenced to county time you can get five days a month for good behavior.
Ann: no,i did not,it was based on a plea that i took
Scott: I got off on house arrest and did not violate it

JM: What is the most time off you can receive for good behavior?
James: In prison, 15% off your sentence. In county, I think 35% off.
Charles: 5 days if non-trustee/per month. If trustee then 10 days off each month,
Doug: I don't know.
Nick: 10 days a month for a 20 days.
Erik: I think 10 days out of the month
Edwin: I'm not exactly sure, but you Can find out thru the system ...
Will: In the county jail you can geoff 33%
Rickey: a few days
Lee: I don't know. That type of stuff has changed in Florda.
David: You can get ten days off a month working as a trustee if you are a county sentenced inmate plus the five days for good behavior meaning a total of fifteen days a month.
Ann: 10 days a month but only until you reach your 85% mark
Scott: none because i was doing house arrest

JM: What types of actions do you need to avoid in order to get time off? Did you ever witness somebody losing time off for good behavior?
James: Misbehaving, fights, disrespect, and uncleanliness.
Charles: Starting fights, make sure that even if you hit first it seems as though the other person hit you first.
Doug: don't know
Nick: Fighting, arguing with staff, stealing from other cellmates, going into other inmates cells, taking the paper in your cell. No I never seen a person lose time for this.
Erik: you just must obey all the rules don't fight with others and make sure you never talk back to a guard always follow direct commands promptly
Edwin: You need to avoid breaking any jail rules, catching any new cases, no Fighting in mates or staff .. I do know of a couple of people who lost their good time for violations of rules
Will: I saw people lose timoff mosfor fighting or using drugs. A lot of fights cannot be avoided but in my alcohol manufacturing cost me time off
Rickey: yes
Lee: You just need to keep to yourself as much as possible, or keep away from well known trouble makers, especially your home boys. I've seen guys lose years of "GAIN TIME" for fighting or hurting another inmate or officer.
David: They have a book of rules and regulations that you have to abide by. Breaking these rules will result in a write up. Punishments range from cell restriction to loss of recreation privlages to loss of good time.
Ann: listen to what the officers tell you to do, keep your housing area clean, do not keep any contraband at any times on or in your possesion
Scott: the only thing i ever heard of stuff like that was if you were in prison then you get game time,or if your in a county jail then you become a custy i think thats what it called when u do good

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