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Interview with James, Charles, Doug, Nick, Erik, Edwin, Will, Rickey, Lee, David, Ann and Scott

JM: Did you always have access to necessary medications?
James: When I went there, I was taking Lexapro and Xanax on the street. I was given Pamelor by them, then they switched me to Prozac (against my will). Laxatives and Tylenol were given at request by the inmate. I did ACLU to get sedative, and had to get a court order to force BSO to serve me a Kosher meal too. NO!
Charles: Yeappers.
Doug: absolutly not. I was left to suffer with horrible chest pain and my life was in jepordy the whole time I was locked up.
Nick: Yes medication was always readily available.
Erik: yes they give out meds
Edwin: They were pretty good With the medication.
Will: never had access to medication correctly
Rickey: no
Lee: Yes, those who needed them.
David: Yes, but if you did'nt mention the illness at intake it would cost a $5.00 co pay to see the doctor and get any type of medication.
Ann: No I did not have access.
Scott: I do not take any medication

JM: How did you get your medications?
James: Continuous bitching and complaining. I had to file a complaint with the ACLU before I got a Required sedative (Visteral which is Benadryl plus one other chemical).
Charles: Lots of sick requests.
Doug: Some I had to buy from other inmates like nitroglycerin because medical would not provide them even though I had heart attacts prior to going to prison and had always carried them before
Nick: A nurse would come in the morning and night, they would lock down the unit and if you received medication you would come down for it.
Erik: the med cart would come twice a day one time in the morning and one time at night time, and diabetics once in early hours
Edwin: The nurse or gaurd generally handed out the meds. They usually handed them out three. To four times a day...
Will: Boehner swith come by with a medical card and dispense medications according to name. but most of the time the nurse would skip you because you would be locked in your cell and the deputy would not open the door so you can receive your medicine
Rickey: n/a
Lee: Meds were either brought to the cell blocks or the more serious meds had to be consumed in the infermary.
David: They would be prescribed by the doctor and given out at medication call once a day by the nurse on duty.
Ann: The nurses had to distribute all the medications to the inmates. No medication was allowed in your cell unless purchased in commissary.
Scott: i do not take any medication but when i was in there the police offericers would call out peoples name's that were on medication so people that were on medication did receive it

JM: What types of punishments were incurred for abuse of drugs? Did you ever witness this?
James: Lock down, and I guess loss of gain time for hoarding.
Charles: Punishment for drug abuse? Deps abuse drugs.....
Doug: I did not abuse drugs, I only bought medications to keep me alive.
Nick: They would lock you down and you would receive a third degree felony for hoarding. I never witnessed myself though.
Erik: I know that if you try to cheek meds you will be put in the hole and lose you job as a trustee
Edwin: I dont know too much about this. They pretty much watched you take the medication'd probably get locked down for a punishment ...
Will: when people would use drugs they would be found out because of a urinalysis and if they were caught they would be placed in confinement. I saw it very frequently in fact it happen to me for using alcohol
Rickey: n/a
Lee: Just like any other mishap, the use of drugs got you solitary confinement, some times an outside charge for enough.
David: Hording or selling your medication would result in the most severe of punishments. This could range from cell restriction to lock down and a loss of good time if you were county sentenced.
Ann: Inmates were placed in confinment for a certain amount of days and the priveledges were taken away, time could have been added on to your sentence.
Scott: I never seen anybody with drugs inside the jail but i think if you do caught with drugs or if you are trying to get drugs you go to confinment i think its just a room by yourself

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