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Jail Layout

Interview with James, Charles, Nick, Erik, Edwin, Will, Rickey, Lee, David, Ann, Scott and Doug

JM: How many different blocks were there?
James: Main jail has floors, I think 10. N. Broward has 8 blocks or sections, and I don't know with Conte/Sheriffs North.
Charles: Not sure, detoxin in main. North Broward is easy: 114a__114c___114d____ | | | Women's section |(can hear women scream from ISO) |visitation | release | | ____________________ | | | |ISO | | Medical
Nick: There were at least 6 different units.
Erik: there were 16 different blocks
Edwin: In broward county there are like 14 different blocks throughout the jails
Will: There were five sectors to each cell block
Rickey: i dont know
Lee: At least 100 cell blocks per floor.
David: Twenty four blocks total, there are inmates housed on foors 4, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10, each floor is divided into four blocks with three pods in each block.
Ann: all the blocks were lettered a through c and through different floors would be b1 c2 c3
Scott: i dont know what blocks are

JM: Did they have names? If so, what were they?
James: For instance I was on the fifth floor, so if I remember correctly it was A5, B5,C5,D5.
Charles: Preacher's Pod, 114a
Nick: They were classifies A and B. Also one through six.
Erik: they went by a letter and a number ie A4
Edwin: I was only in the downtown county and they were named of the floor east or west ex- 5 west
Will: They didn't really have names.they were numbered. ie: 4e, 4c, etc
Rickey: dont understand questions or at least four
Lee: Cell blocks are named alfanumerically, with numbers mainly for the floor they're on.
David: Floor number along with A, B, C and D afterward, and then with the pod number. Example 9-B-3, 9th floor, B Block, Pod 3.
Ann: they only carried the name of the unit and the floor number
Scott: i do not know what blocks are but if i had to guess i think that would be the rooms

JM: Which types of inmates were housed in the different blocks?
James: There was Psych at E,F,H at N. Brow., GP in other sections. Main: 2 fl. brief holding, 4 fl. longer holding, 6 fl. violent, top floor extreme violent/lock down.
Charles: Flight risk and no phone privileges in broward. Gunclub didnt care much, our house man was a flight risk.
Nick: Ninety six inmates were house in all the units. They tight and could have up to 4 in a cell with some sleeping on the floor. Many black, white, and mentally disturbed as well.
Erik: the inmates where grouped depending on security level such as minimum maximum and workers, the high risk inmates where on higher floors while the lower risk inmates where on the lower floors
Edwin: There was block for everyone ... Intake, Misdemeanor,Women, felony offenders, state prisoners, violent offenders, medical, suicide, and protection custody. I'm sure there Are others. These are the one I'm mostly familiar with ...
Will: Child molesters were housed in some areas, homosexuals were alone, people facing death penalty were separate, etc. The jail classification people say that they house people according to size, criminal history, etc but it never end up that way.
Rickey: felonie in midemeanor
Lee: Normally rapists are all locked up together for their protection, just as murderers are kept seperate in order to protect inmates with lesser offenses. They even dress in different colors.
David: 2nd Floor is for booking and housing inmates for majistrate court, 4th and 6th floors are typically for non violent inmates waiting for their court dates. Women are housed on the 6th floor and7th, 8th and 9th floors are for the more violent inmates. The 10th floor is for lock down (special housing).
Ann: you had your high profile inmates housed on the 23 hour lockdown on the 8th floor,from the 7 through 5th you had you maximum custody inmates,4th had general population and such
Scott: all of the inmates had all different charges, dui's,theft,grand theft,child suporrt case's,driving on suspened license,hit and run,publix intoxication,people that had drugs or paraphernla charges,there were all different types of charges with that inmates that were in the rooms

JM: What do you remember being the nicest and worst parts about the different blocks?
James: It all sucks. Sheriffs North was cleanest, Conte was clean. The Spiritual cell at Conte was the best dorm I was in (out of many). Most of the deputies were a**holes (not all). Visitation was horrible at Main, and N. Broward was filthy, had broken phones and long waits. The commissary is such a scam: $19.00 for a $4.00 radio, $16.00 for a 2x sweatshirt that cost $5.00 at Wal- mart, $0.85 for a candy bar or 1 oz. bag of chips. No condiments with the meals which are so small, that you have to order commissary to fill up. $1.00 for a soup that at the supermarket sells 6 for $1.00. The book carts seldom come around.
Charles: Best thing bout broward is radio. Palm beach is food (3 warm a day, broward is 2 cold 1 hot) Worst part of gunclub is no radio. Broward also is 18 hour lock down. Gunclub you only see 19 hour lockdown in the box, which i laughed at. spend time in broward ISO and a box means nothing.
Doug: Asshole guards
Nick: They had many people who would try to charge for different favors. Many people stealing from other inmates cells. People begging for items that I would own. Also my own inmates going through and my things and taking them. Also preventing you from working and trying to get food for myself. Most people like to work.
Erik: the intake and receiving blocks where gross and the transit blocks where gross but once I got into the trustee dorm It was much better things where clean and everyone helped keep it clean, in the other cell blocks it was dirty and smelled much worse than the trustee dorm
Edwin: The nicest thing about the different blocks is that you are around People with similar cases. So that means if you are in on a misdemeanor you are likely to be housed with other non violent offenders, so every one goes home ... The worst part is you could probably know someone but because there in a different block you will not be able to intetact with them ...
Will: Certain areas allowed more freedom and different times for lights out. Also, the blocks on the lower floors tended to have less violent inmates in them. The higher floors were a lot worse. floors held the violent offenders, sexual deviants, lifers, and career criminals. There was nothing nice about any part of the jailwhatsoever.
Rickey: some staff
Lee: The nicest things were actually being in the cell blocks that were on the same floor as the kitchen so your food was always hot. Thw worst was being in the part of the jail that always ate last, there's nothing worse than cold jail food. at least not to me.
David: The worst blosks were on floors 7, 8 and 9 because that is where they housed the violent inmates ang being a white person you had to be tuff or have really good people skills. The best blocks were located on the 6th floors because that is where the trustees are housed. For the most part the trustrrs acted well because they did'nt want to loose their fifteen days a month work and good time.
Ann: the worst thing about max custody was being locked down all day,not being able to use the phone to call your loved ones..being in a room all day with a person you dont want to know,having to use the bathroom next to them,,general population was more freedom to me,,didnt stay locked down as much
Scott: the nicest part of being in jail is when they called my name and told me to pack my stuff because i was getting ready to get released,the worst parts were the food and beds,i eat alot and they do not give you good or enough food so i was hungry

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