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Visitor Policy

Interview with James, Charles, Nick, Erik, Edwin, Will, Rickey, Lee, David, Ann and Scott

JM: How often could you receive visitors?
James: Once a week.
Charles: Twice a week.
Nick: I could receive visitors once a week for two hours usually in the afternoon or night.
Erik: once a week your housing unit is allowed visits 2 people for one or onehalf hour sessions
Edwin: You were allowed visitors twice a week.inmates really look forward to visiting day, its one of the high points.
Will: you could have one visitor per week if you maintained good behavior and stayed out of trouble
Rickey: not at all
Lee: We had visitors on a weekly basis, having one day of the week, based upon where you were housed.
David: Up to two visitors twice a week for about 30 minutes a visit. You could have two visitors at the same time however if they showed up at different times it counted as your two visits for the week.
Ann: i was allowd a visit twice a week for a total of 1 hour per visit
Scott: i wasnt in there long so i didnt fill out a visitation form cause i knew i was getting released to house arrest

JM: Was the check-in process lengthy for those who came to see you?
James: Very. Sometimes my relatives waited 2 hours.
Charles: Very long.
Nick: Sometimes they were they would be about an hour to an hour and a half. Also they could be quick depending on the people coming. I never heard complaints though.
Erik: I don't know I never talked to any visitors I would imagine there is a lot of searching a going through purses and hand bags
Edwin: Yeah I guess you could say that . You had to be There 1to 2 hours prior to the visit. The questions, paperwork. But if thats what you gotta do ...
Will: the check in process always took a long time so most visitors didn't come back for a second visit because they didn't want to have to wait for many many hours
Rickey: to slow
Lee: I'm told that the process was not only long, but it was a bit degrading also. Your visitors are searched and treated like inmates too.
David: Depending on what time of the day your visitors came to see you. Mornings times took about 15 minutes and evening times could take up to 1 hour.
Ann: my loved ones said it took a good few hours to get in to see me,they were all screened then told to wait in a lobby until called up
Scott: i did not have any vistors because i was only going to be in there for a day or two days but other inmates told me that it took hours for the vistors to see us(THE INMALES)

JM: What was the visiting environment like?
James: Filthy at Main, and N. Broward. Better at Conte and Sherriffs N.
Charles: Like being locked up with the person but with a window between you. They can't leave viso and you can't leave it either.
Nick: It was in a special area you would talk through a phone with a thick layer of plastic separating you and your guest, also a deputy would walk through every ten to twenty minutes to check on things. Other inmates would talk extremely loud and can be hard to hear. Some other people would try to listen.
Erik: I know the jail I was in at one time had a floor in the middle of both upper and lower floors and that was the middle of the two, the people on top would walk down a set of stairs while bottom would walk up a set the visitors would stay in middle
Edwin: For me, it was very depressing. First the glass between you and your visitors. Its almost like there not there in person even thoe they are. Secondly you wait all week for a 30 minute visit. Upsetting when people Take four hours Out of there schedule, can only see you
Will: the visiting environment was very poor. it was extremely noisy the other visitors have no manners and yelled it was very very impersonal because he had to talk to six last on a phone that you couldn't hear anything on. I only had a couple family members visit and they didn't want to come back for another experience
Rickey: bad biliegurant
Lee: the envirenement was not ideal for family. We were all kept in an isolated area and forced to commuicate on a phone while seperated by a very thick window of glass. Most of the times you could not hear well because of all of the noise from someones child or an argument.
David: Noisey and loud, you sat on a round steel seat while looking at your visitor through thick plexi glass window. We would have to talk on a telephone that did'nt work so well. Often you could'nt hear your visitor because of the loud inmates on your side of the glass. Visitations were difficult.
Ann: i had ALL MY VISITS BEHIND A T.V. monitor,it was not the best and half the time the screen diddnt work so it was like an hour phone call,so heart breaking not to be able to see or touch you your loved ones,,its really hard in our visits in a max
Scott: I really dont know what to say about that because i never had anybody come visit me,i never filled out a form or anything but the guys said you have to talk on a phone through like a glass or plastic window and sit on a metal circle bench thats all i know

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