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Jail Layout

Interview with Bruce, Cherry, Damien and Derrick

JM: How many different blocks were there?
Bruce: 24 that i remember at lake county jail
Cherry: There were 4 floors, and on each floor there were 4 wings.
Damien: there where 12 differnt blocks int the whole jail
Derrick: It's leveled floor blocks per letter a1a and a1b then there's a2a and a2b on the 2nd floor and it goes like that to e

JM: Did they have names? If so, what were they?
Bruce: B dorm, C Dorm, D Dorm upstairs and downstairs. they also had a females jail.
Cherry: They labeled them by north east south and west and by what floor it was on. I was in 4West.
Damien: just letters a b c d like d2a or d2b and d1a or d1b
Derrick: A1a a1b a2a a2b b1a b1b b2a b2b and so on till e

JM: Which types of inmates were housed in the different blocks?
Bruce: C dorm had all the so called tough goys, b dorm was the christion a youth offender dorms. it was also made for classifacation as well. D dorm was the kitchen and Work pod
Cherry: Men we housed on certain floors and seperated from the females. As far as I know, all females on my floor level ranged from petty theft, to prostitution to drugs, to murder.
Damien: you had your min witch are the people they don't have to worrie about T ALL Really then u got ur med witch are people that r kinda bad and need a closer look then u got Ur max witch the stay in there cell 23 hr a day
Derrick: C pods were te most coolant an d pods were for wemon everything else was a mix from all types of inmates with various crimes including child milestone and rapist

JM: What do you remember being the nicest and worst parts about the different blocks?
Bruce: in some dorms eveybody was going to prison, coming back or going. in some dorms people was just serving county time. it was cool but scaring at the sametime because your'll never know whats on a mens mind when he's facing two or three life sentencing. that truly is the worst part
Cherry: The nicest part was leaving. Sounds cliche but the place was nasty, there was black mold in the water fountain. The officers went on a power trip and took the only thing that made hot water for majority of the time I was there. There was always blood and urine on the toilets and they don't clean with bleach which is the only chemical proven to kill certain viruses that are normally found in jails. Nurovirus.
Damien: i really cant say any thing good about it cause the whole jail is like a zoo but the way the officer treat you in there is horrible the inmates were like monkeys and if one got introble the whole pod got looked down and they feed u like shit
Derrick: A pods closer to the kitchen they eat first and b pods had the nicest showers but I always liked being on the work pods wich are a Bc it had acces to the basketball court at anytime before lockdown and being in the hole was the worst blocks to be on

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