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Interview with Bruce, Cherry, Damien and Derrick

JM: Tell us about the pre-sentencing process:
Bruce: It was okay, i was treated fair and everybody made sure i knew what was going on in my case. I didnt have any problems with my court order public defender. Even though i felt as if he didnt try his hardest to free me. but i love the faith based pod that chaplin pete had put together it was great.
Cherry: I was treated like a criminal from the very beginning. I was actually innocent and was wrongfully arrested and had to wait it out like I was guilty. I spent twelve days in jail for something I should have never been arrested for to begin with. I was held in the "tank" for 6 hours before I was officially booked simply because they could do that.
Damien: They booked me in and I was mad because I was beat up a few times on the way to jail by the bondsman and the law there didn't seem to care about it, in fact they found it humorous. They kept me in the tank for a few days in an open pod setting.
Derrick: As u enter the jail u are takin into booking were u are put into a big holding cell with others who were being booked were u have the chance to use the wall mounted phone u sit there any were from an hour to hours depending on the situation wether u will be bailed out or I'll be staying in the jail they walk u over to the fingerprinting station from there and then take ur pic were u are put back in the holding cell for hour or 2 while they find out all ur info and find u a cell in a dorm a wich is classification were they monoter u for 72 hours to acess ur threat level then u are moved to a pod wich holds usually around 84 to 95 inmates at once were u will wait to c the judge for ur bond hearing wich or to serve out ur sentence if u got picked up on a warrant as I allways did

JM: Did you have police stop by your house for questioning? If not please give us details on how you came to be arrested.
Bruce: I had committed two felionys and the police had arrested me on a traffic stop. my case was pretty much your basic burglery type case. i lied about everything, i didnt want to own up to my mistakes. i was placed on probation and I was back 11months later for durty urin.
Cherry: I allowed an person who lived across the street from me to stay with myself and my boyfriend when he was kicked out of his house. The person was a 17 year old and his mother kicked him out and he was staying on the streets and sleeping in his truck. I agreed to allow him to stay in my spare room while he worked out things with his mother, who was right across the street. She reported him as a missing person and I was arrested for interfering with a minor custody. Officer originally threatened me with kidnapping, which blew my mind. I called 911 for assistance and was later charged a misdemeanor for "false activation of 911" and when physically arrested for that charge I asked why I was being detained and was charged with ANOTHER misdemeanor for resisting arrest. This was my first time ever being in trouble. I am a 30 year old Veteran. I was told when arriving at the jail that I was also charged a Felony, interfering with minor custody.
Damien: Bondsman popped the lock on my home and came in and arrested me without and explanation of what was going on. I was choked by 2 bondsman with a mag light while being fully cooperative to surrendering. On the way to jail the bondsman pulled over twice to hit me a few more times before we got to the jail. I was originally arrested for driving without a license.
Derrick: There were multiple arrest at this jail most were violation of probation so I was aressted due to a warrant the usually pulled me over ran my name an cuffed me took me to the jail or I got aressted with drugs or achole found on my Poseidon during a routine stop

JM: What was court like? Please give as many details as you recall.
Bruce: It was a life changing experience for me,because it was the last time i had saw my son for the next 5years. the judge didnt have any mercy for my tears, and he didnt even acknowledge my good behavior inside the courtroom. i was just a number that was placed on his court docket, and he intended on sending me to prison...simple
Cherry: Court was just like I see it on television. A judge sits up there all high and mighty and has complete control over everything that happens in the courtroom. Not only are you being ridiculed for being an alleged criminal, but the judge can base his decision off of your attitude and demeanor.
Damien: Court was ridiculous. They keep you in jail for 3-4 months waiting to see a judge and even when you do have a court date you may not even get to go. Many people didn't ever know what was going on with their case they seemed to just play the waiting game.
Derrick: U are escorted from the jail to the courthouse via a bridge that connects the 2 over a highway u are walked there in an enclosed chain link walk way were u are escorted to a holding cell were u sit for what seems like forever then u are escorted into the court room by shackles and chains were u sit in a pew with other inmates till called apon by either ur judge or your attorney if there is a deal to be made ur name is called by the judge I approach the podium and are asked ur name then ur charges are read to u in wich the judge ask the prosecuted what they want done then ur defense puts in his input and u can choose to plead guilty or not or no contest and choose to take te prosecutors deal or not then u are either sentenced or givin a date to return then escorted back to the holding cells till everyone else is threw wich takes hours then u are walked back across the highway to the jail and returned to your cell

JM: What were your original charges? What did you end up being convicted of?
Bruce: two counts of burglery with a occupied dwelling, and also grand theft
Cherry: My charges were interfering with a minor custody, False activation of 911 and resisting arrest. I did not get convicted of any of them. State dropped Felony and pre-trial is wiping the misdemeanors.
Damien: Grand theft, dealing in stolen property, defrauding a pawn broker, possession of marijuana under 20 grams, possession of paraphernalia. I was convicted of the drug charges and grand theft.
Derrick: Possession pf marijuanna and pariphanelia Possession of achol under age Petty theft Domestic violence and battery 9 counts of vop

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