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Interview with Bruce, Cherry, Damien and Derrick

JM: How long was your sentencing for?
Bruce: 60 months in the department of correction
Cherry: I was never sentenced I spent 12 days in jail waiting to bond myself out.
Damien: I had 2 years probation and did 4 months in county jail.
Derrick: 3 months 45 days 2months And a couple were 15 to 30 days a peice

JM: Did you spend time in a holding cell after your sentencing? If so, what was that like? If you didn't where did they they take you instead?
Bruce: yes i did spent time in a holding cell. i cried, it hurt me a whole lot to know i was no longer a free man, my dignity was stripped away and my future was unknown
Cherry: I was in a holding cell for 2 days. It is just like the regular jail area, just much smaller in size of inmates that are housed there. I believe they do that in case an inmate has a severe disease they don't infect the main population at once, just a smaller limited amount.
Damien: I was in a holding cell for about 3-4 hours after wards. They kind of just left me in there to cool off or whatever but I just wanted to go back to my cell.
Derrick: Yes u sit there in a holding cell after ur hearing in a courthouse it stinks there's no blankets or anything it's freezing u have to keep ur shackles and wrist chains on wich usually by the end of the day have cut into ur skin and u have to listen to the officers talk crap

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