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Interview with Elise, Armando, Drew, Devin and Sean

JM: What clothes could you have brought in to wear in the jail (underwear, socks, etc.)?
Elise: jumpers and jail scrubs
Armando: well the jail takes every thing away from you some jails let you stay with your boxers
Drew: The provide jail out blues, usually a one piece suite. Other clothing I have seen are those for recreation.
Devin: Nothing at all. They provide all ur clothing.U leave all ur clothes in the first processing.
Sean: you are not allowed to have anything brought to you nothing whatsoever

JM: If you had a set uniform, what did it look like? Please be specific about each piece of clothing issued to you.
Elise: yes scrubs navy blue and they were worn out and not well cleaned and u only got a new set every 3 days
Armando: well they gave me a one pice suit that had metal buttons on them and the sandules where just like the ones like the time of the jews you know and pair white socks and white underware they come once a week to trade out the suits
Drew: Jail hour blues, usually a one piece outfit with your size on the back of it, socks, slippers. That was the base. Other outfits include those worn for recreation purposes like shorts.
Devin: You had a green pair of canvas pants and a white or pinkish tshirt.Boxers that was white and socks and a pair of flip flops.
Sean: you are issued one blue jumpsuit this is Orange County corrections on it and 1 pair of socks those are the only clothing you are a sign

JM: Were there any assigned clothes in high demand that an inmate should look for when getting clothing assigned?
Elise: no
Armando: yea blue stand for felony or roobery or vop and orange would be like you got arrested the first time red stads for high risk or murder
Drew: Just make sure it is clean before wearing them. You never know.
Devin: Yes a sweater was in high demand because of the cold tempature.
Sean: you do not get to choose your own clothing only thing you choose is the side

JM: Was the clothing different between men and women?
Elise: yes woman wore navy blue men wore orange
Armando: no they just dident give them any thing white thow like the suits
Drew: Yes, women wore two piece outfits.
Devin: no it was the same accept for panties.
Sean: men have one piece blue jumpsuit women have two piece blue suits

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