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Interview with Elise, Armando, Drew, Devin and Sean

JM: How many meals did you get per day?
Elise: 3 meals 1 at 4 am 1 at noon 1 at 5pm and that was it no more no less
Armando: 3 meals a day one at 4:00 am, 12:00, 5:00
Drew: Three meals per day. Sometimes more.
Devin: You got 3 measly meals per day.
Sean: you get three meals a day breakfast lunch and dinner

JM: How would you rate the food? Please give details of why.
Elise: the food sucks more than i can explain i suggest ordering commisery as much as possible
Armando: well the food first strtas taste like shit cookies and apples where gold thow and chiken paddes and the cereal is bad do not drink the vitame c drinks it does something to your reprudutive system and kills sprum cells and eggs the eggs where green the dam chesse dident even look real
Drew: The food was okay, not anything you would find at the Ritz,but it was diffinitely not as bad as some inmates make it out to be. On some days, we would have some meals which everyone ate and on some others, no one ate, just because it was probably slop.
Devin: The food was Nasty and cheap.It was never any meat.It waa goulash twice a day.Never any meat.The cheaper they feed u the more money they make.U go to chow hungry and u leave hungry.U lose wieght in the county jail unless u have money to buy canteen and suppliment ur food.
Sean: I would rather eat dog food then eat the county jail food if that describes it good enough it is very disgusting

JM: Did you have any favorite/least favorite meals?
Elise: they were all about the same crappiness i did like the pea nut butter and jelly though they were good
Armando: well my fav thing there was ciken paddes or cookies and apples those where the best things I had in there
Drew: Slop was my least favorite and the chicken patty and sausage were my favorites. The cakes weren't bad either, the hit the spot.
Devin: All of them was my least favorite.I guess all breakfast meals was the better of the 3 u got per day.
Sean: no there are no favorite meals have any time in that place all of the food is nasty very nasty and the portions are very very low

JM: Were there any other snacks offered outside of meals? What was commissary like and how expensive was it?
Elise: no
Armando: yea there was eye care packaged and commissary for food and body supply soap and drinks but every things tax 7% and every thing was kinday pricey for me I ll you that they had big teaxs there ramon noodless
Drew: Commissary was provided every Friday morning. Compared to the outside world, it is pretty expensive but was a nice selection of goodies on the list: Tuna, mackeral, chilies, crackers, were just some of the things offered.
Devin: No other snacks outside of chow.Commisary was grossly overpriced and provided by a private outside company that had the highest bid to win the contract to be the commisary for the jail.It was outrageous.But good.
Sean: yes if you had money for commissary you can order commissary 1 time a week

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