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Jail Layout

Interview with Elise, Armando, Drew, Devin and Sean

JM: How many different blocks were there?
Elise: 14 i think
Armando: well in my block the was four but I think theres six levels
Drew: No separate blocks as far as I knew.
Devin: There was about 4 different wings of the jail.
Sean: there are like 12 or 13 different housing locks

JM: Did they have names? If so, what were they?
Elise: letter from the alphabet a-n
Armando: main .wickcum. horizon.VRC.genisse these where the main blocks in jail
Drew: I'm not sure.
Devin: The main.Horizons.Phoenix.And i forget the other one.They all sucked bad,
Sean: they have several different facilities Genesis facility horizon facility remains to city and if the fetus is ready for females intention Center

JM: Which types of inmates were housed in the different blocks?
Elise: there was a pyhc ward for the crazies h block was for the mean murders that needed solitary quaters and main popluation were pods with 4 different blocks
Armando: like wickcum would have somebody that stold some food that's where you probley go and lets say you battery somebody you would go to horizon for that type of charged you got
Drew: The kitchen workers in Wickam, minimum risk inmates in Genesis, medium in Horizon, maximum in the main facility, Phoenix I believe will be the new women's facility which holds all female levels.
Devin: Well in orange county jail the bad criminals were housed on the main.they was usually close custody. The medium custody inmates was housed in horizons.And the minimum was housed in i forget.
Sean: everywhere is general population except for murder charges rape charges etc cetera all first three felonies our house in a different housing area

JM: What do you remember being the nicest and worst parts about the different blocks?
Elise: nicest was the beds to sleep in the worst was everything else. the phyc ward was nice because mostly the crazies wondered around aimlessly and left me to read
Armando: well the best thing about the block I was at that there was hot water and it wasent that cold in there the worest about it it stiked realy funny and the bathroom stalles where ull of fruit flies every where and idk like almost every gut in there was nasty ass heck
Drew: The nicest thing about the Genesis block is that it is open pod which means you have more freedom to move around as you please as oppose to being stuck in a cell like in Orientation. The worst part about any block is being stuck in a cell, especially with a harden criminal. Having a good cell mate or mates is very important. That makes a big difference.
Devin: The main was 1 cell block not seperate rooms.All the inmates are in one room with bunk beds.That was the worst part of the jail because inmates can get to you while your sleeping.Horizons was nice because the had 3 man rooms and you had piece at night while sleeping.
Sean: there is nothing nice about being in jail except for the day you are released when you walk out the doors and the worst part is your first 7 days in

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