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Jail Layout

Interview with Toby, J. Friday, Jeremy, Lisa, Jenny, Brian, Alicia and Darryl

JM: How many different blocks were there?
Toby: there were several. i don't know exact number,
J. Friday: This jail is divided up into divisions. North, South and Central. There are numerous buildings for different levels of security.
Jeremy: Dont know. I was housed in Central Division.
Lisa: Pinellas County is big and I don't know how many blocks there are. There are different buildings. There were 9 different buildings when I was there.
Jenny: There were so many, I really have no idea. Pinellas county was as(or almost) large as a prison.
Brian: place was so big i have no idea but holds 4500 inmates
Alicia: Wow, Where I was was the were many. I remember being in like 4 different blocks myself.
Darryl: I woukd guess around 50

JM: Did they have names? If so, what were they?
Toby: i was in "lower G" for example. they had letters for names.
J. Friday: South Division is just called max., the different block inside are alpa numeric. Alpa, Delta, Bravo(medical), echo, charlie, F- wing. Central just uses floor and pod numbers. 4C4 would mean; 4th floor POD 4 in Central. Thats minimum. North Division uses letters for the building names. A barracks (females-sentenced and non) B barracks (misdemenors and snntenced males) C barracks (non-sentenced felon males) F (female felons) Mini is a another location in North division.
Lisa: Buildings...Central, Old booking, FSC, A Barracks, B Barracks, C Barracks, Mini 1, Mini 2, and the hospital ward.
Jenny: All I can remember is that I was in the maximum holding. Across the yard and fences we could see the mens dorms, and recreation yard.
Alicia: the ones I was in were called, central,A block Anex and then there was the Mededial...
Darryl: I think they were calked like dorm 1 2 3 and so on

JM: Which types of inmates were housed in the different blocks?
Toby: according to crimes like misnomeanors, felonies, sex ccrimes, violent offenders,ect.
J. Friday: South Division (max) houses all non-sentenced felons and all the special needs inmates. Central houses minimum security male and female felons, and Project New Additude (sentenced male felons) A barracks (females-sentenced and non) B barracks (misdemenors and snntenced males) C barracks (non-sentenced felon males) F (female felons) Mini houses sentenced males who have jobs. Kitchen, road crews etc.
Jeremy: Inmates are classified into housing based on if they are violent, non violent, crazy, or sick.
Lisa: All different. High risk inmates were in the old booking building along with central.
Jenny: Like I said, there were so many buildings, all I can remember was I was in Maximum housing.
Alicia: In most of the ones i have said there were all different types from like DUI,Drugs,Call girls addicts,dead beat moms,and any others like that. The more dangest ones were in what was call solatiary
Darryl: You have diff. blocks for diff. Inmates.violent crimes go in one block and non violent in another.some jails even have blockjs for sexual predators.then you have mental ill blocks and po rotective custody

JM: What do you remember being the nicest and worst parts about the different blocks?
Toby: the nicect were where the noise was controled and it was quiet. the worst was where there was less supervision of the inmates, and some guys could make trouble.
J. Friday: Mini was the nicest part about the whole jail. It's more of a dormroom type of enviroment than a jail atmosphere. On the flip side, the worst part in the whole jail is Bravo (medical wing in max.) They toss you in a 30 by 20 cell with up to 16 people in it. It feels like a dungon and there is no tv and everyone thats piled in there is sick. It's an awful place. Old, stank, and that mildew smell that will never wash away.
Jeremy: Central has 2 TVs with cable, a microwave and hot water. Its also very clean and neat compared to MAX.
Lisa: The nicest was the washers and dryers in Central and the worst was the Barracks were old and dirty.
Jenny: There was nothing nice about it. It was all old and just gross feeling
Alicia: The nicest was most of the girls would help you out with the do's and donts of the block. The worst parts was using the restrooms and showers.And being woke at 3:30 in the morning for breakfast,and cleaning up after those that didnt..Getting up when they told you to was the worst
Darryl: Well in the nonviolent dorms your less likely to get in a fight as you would in a violent dorm.i remember when I was in ga.on the agravated adsault awaiting trial,i wasnt in county jail two days when a full scale riot broje out in my dorm lasting 12 hours

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