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Interview with Toby, J. Friday, Jeremy, Keith, Lisa, Jenny, Brian, Alicia and Darryl

JM: Tell us about the pre-sentencing process:
Toby: i spent 4 1/2 mos. in jail before i was finally sentenced.
J. Friday: Pre-sentencing is mostly communicating with your lawyer as much as possible so you know as much as you can before you go to court.
Jeremy: Not bad. Was placed in Central for 2 weeks until my court date.
Keith: I was wrongly arrested for burglary and simple battery which I didn't commit, stayed in jail for 25 days for no reason. The Clearwater Police didn't read me my rights and didn't have a deaf interputer because I'm deaf. The State Attorney had to let me go because not enough proof or information, and dropped charges against me. So I need to sue that Clearwater Police.
Lisa: I had a public defender and they don't help the inmates with their sentencing. If one wants to have a fair trial then they need to hire their own private attorney. If there are no funds for one then the inamate most likely does jail or prison time.
Jenny: It seemed like it took a long time. First you are booked in, then sent to your housing. You sit there until you are called for court. You go several times before you are sentenced. First is the arraignment, then your case management, then your sentencing I believe.
Brian: Deceived by Sherrif's department and was continually lied to following my and during my flying to Florida and turning self in.
Alicia: Not to much to say about this coz it was a waiting game. I sat in the jail for about a month before I was sentenced. I never talked with my PD til the day of court,and then it wasnt much info just that i would plead gulity.This is how most everyone was treated that didnt have council.
Darryl: Theirs not much to tell.i was arrested at my home,taken to jail and after about two weeks I was taken to court and given time served on my charge and held fo er extradition to clayton co. ga.after wairing exactly 30 days claytin co.showed up and took me back to ga.

JM: Did you have police stop by your house for questioning? If not please give us details on how you came to be arrested.
Toby: no
J. Friday: No, the only time the police came by my house was to arrest me for a VOP warrant.
Jeremy: Only to arrest me for a VOP.
Keith: No.
Lisa: No.
Jenny: No, I was picked up by police for solicitation, then they found out I was wanted in Gainesville for violation of probation.
Brian: I walked into sherrif's office and turned myself in.
Alicia: No, I was stopped on the street while going to get something to eat, and when ask for my ID it was then I had told them I had a FTA and a VOP so at that point I was handcuffed and taken to jail.And was question at the jail.
Darryl: I was arrested for possession of illegal substances and did make bond.but after a couple of weeks my wife said the fugitive squad came by looking for me.i thought she was joking.then one night they dud come by and I didnt answer the door.after awhile of staying away from home I gave up and let them catch me at hime

JM: What was court like? Please give as many details as you recall.
Toby: the judge talked while my public defender explained everything to me. it was all very fast and i felt like i was being pushed along something i didn't completely understand.
J. Friday: My final court apperance,when I recieved my jail sentence, was nerve wracking to say the least. The state was looking for a year and a day in prison, and I was hoping for 11 months in county.
Jeremy: Nervous, but then happy afterwords. Recieved time served and was released.
Keith: Lousy.
Lisa: I was in jail so I went to court in jail garb and was treated like a number, not a person.
Jenny: It was ok. But you were only transported to where they release people. Then we walked through a series of hallways, then a huge holding cell. You wanted there till you were called over the intercom, and told where to walk to, and what elevator to get on and the floor you needed to go to. Then you sat in another holding cell till you went in front of the judge.
Brian: Court was a joke there is so much graft and corruption it was very tricky knowingwho to bribe.
Alicia: Court was a very long day, I was one of the last to be seen by the judge so by then he was grumpy and ready to get the day over.Then when i did get there for some reason they had no info about my case so it was scheuled.
Darryl: Court was very quick ad to the point.i violated my probation and would be sent back to ga.luckily I got time served fir my charges in pinnellas co.or I would have had t do time in fl. then return to ga to finish my sentence their.the wai rt ing to be sentenced and not knowing is the hardest.

JM: What were your original charges? What did you end up being convicted of?
Jenny: I cannot remember the actual charges in Pinellas, but I was also being held for Gainesville, Fl.
Brian: Initial charges were based in fantasy. I walked away with a fine.
Alicia: I had a crack pipe that had alittle cocaine still in it..
Darryl: I was cgarged and convicted of agravated assault

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