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Good Behavior

Interview with Jack, Jerry, Sarah, Kristie, Tim, Judith and Hector

JM: Did you get off early based on good behavior?
Jack: No
Jerry: no
Sarah: No. I got off because I was PROVEN innocent.
Kristie: Yes I got out in 45 days for good behavior.
Tim: of course not. NOT one single white inmate has been granted parole from a Georgia prison in well over 25 years. Parole is for the non-white inmates. You do know that not a single white person works as a guard as a warden or is on the parole board don't you?
Judith: No. I had to do a year to the day because I had a pending charge on me in Clayton county.
Hector: No. Because I was in a work unit.

JM: What is the most time off you can receive for good behavior?
Jack: Two for one days as far as I know.
Jerry: 2 for 1
Sarah: For Gwinnet it maybe longer than before they arrest people for jay walking.
Kristie: 2 for 1 time. I was sentenced to 90 days and got out in 45.
Tim: none, white people do not get that
Judith: I'm not really sure about that.
Hector: 0

JM: What types of actions do you need to avoid in order to get time off? Did you ever witness somebody losing time off for good behavior?
Jack: Mind your manners and not be a trouble maker...
Jerry: fighting and any other violations of the rules and regulations in the inmate handbook
Sarah: NA
Kristie: Basically as long as you didn't get into any fights or caught with any contraband you were fine. The main thing is to stay out of the guards radar - you aren't going to make friends with them. (The friends of the guards that I refer to previously are people they knew from the outside)
Tim: white people do not get that and I do not mix with or speak to the non-white majority. You can not get time off so don't even think it. That is for the niggers only
Judith: No fighting or you get another charge. You can also get more time from stealing from another inmate.I never witnessed anyone getting time off for good behavior.
Hector: No

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