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Jail Layout

Interview with Jack, Jerry, Sarah, Kristie, Tim, Judith and Hector

JM: How many different blocks were there?
Jack: I think 8 if I am not mistaken....
Jerry: very many. The tower has at least 5 on each of the 4 floors and then the old jail has at least 10-12 also.
Sarah: 3 for females, more for males
Kristie: I believe that there were four blocks for the men and four for the women plus an I-Max for each.
Tim: it depends on which prison you are in. Most have 4 to 7 pods in a building but they do not mix.
Judith: For the females, I think there were three or four different blocks. For the men, I think there were four.
Hector: 40

JM: Did they have names? If so, what were they?
Jack: C pod through J Pod.
Jerry: yes. A - J for the old jail and 1B thru 1U for the towers
Sarah: Yes females were Lpod, Ipod and Apod. Guys were like Mopd, Jpod and Kpod and a few others
Kristie: As far as I remember - India, Lima, Medical (A pod), Bravo and I-Max
Tim: no, letter, all alphabetical no names for the different buildings or pods
Judith: They were named by letters. Women's were ,I,J,K,L and the men's were E,F,G, and H

JM: Which types of inmates were housed in the different blocks?
Jack: Girls are in different pods. J pod is for trouble makers and hard felons.
Jerry: everybody is housed together. You may be in there for a traffic violation and have a murderer or sexual offender as your roommate
Sarah: Jpod was for the hardened criminals and felons. Apod for girls were for mostly pregnant or sick inmates. When I was attacked I was sent there.
Kristie: Lima (L pod) was the sorting pod. Everyone went into that pod first so it was the biggest and most crowded. It's also where you stayed if you were known to be in a gang. Bravo was the working pod. Those were the people that had been sentenced to several months and already had some good behavior in the hole. India (I pod) is where I spent most of my time. People in India were not known gang members and were unlikely to cause problems. Medical pod is just what it sounds like.
Tim: it is all the same. there is no segregation at all of any kind. No protection from white hating niggers. The nigger that tried to set my bed on fire was a white hating drug dealer
Judith: I think there was only one housing cell for mentally ill inmates.Other than that, everyone was in the same cell block together. They did not discriminate like that at all.

JM: What do you remember being the nicest and worst parts about the different blocks?
Jack: Nothen was nice the officers an guards are awful... The holding cell was the worst part trying to get processed.
Jerry: The cell blocks in the towers are the nicest part of the jail. The A thru J blocks are located in the old jail and are very dirty and very overcrowded compared to the cell blocks in the new tower.
Sarah: Nothing was nice, except maybe Ms. K she was amazing! She wasn't like any other guards, she actually had a heart.
Kristie: Medical pod is the best. You get the most free time and it also in the new part of the jail. The guards tend to be a little bit nicer there as well. Lima (the sorting pod) sucks. There are so many people that it almost never gets quiet (even after lights out). It's really hard to get a shower in and guaranteed someone will be harassing you to hurry up. A lot of times they would run out of things like ketchup at lunch or dinner. Because there were so many people you had less time to eat because it took longer to get through the meal lines.
Tim: There isn't any. not a bit of difference at all. The cops hate the whites and the niggers want us dead. I once was so sick I was coughing till I was vomiting and a nigger cop opened the cell door and kicked me in the head so I was face down in my own vomit. That is common for a Georgia prison
Judith: I stayed in only one block (L).The nicest parts were that you could smoke when they let you outside about every two hours for five minutes. You had your own key to your cell.They had great food and they had carpet on the floors. The worst part was being locked down 20 hrs. a day

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