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Interview with Karl, Lisa, Zach, Kelly, Jeff, Maurice, Jose and Ken

JM: Did you find it difficult to get along with other inmates? Please give examples to explain why you did or didn't.
Karl: no
Lisa: no, everyone was understanding of my circumstances, and I understood them
Zach: well some inmates it was easy to get along with and some not so much. some people was loud while you try to sleep all the way to some not showering little things just get to ya in there
Kelly: no the inmates were very easy to get along with they respected other people inmates just tried to do what they had to do to gat out of the jail.
Jeff: Yes and no. It really just depended on the person but when everyone is just as frustrated as you are things can go escalate quickly between two individuals and even end up in violence.
Maurice: No i was easy
Jose: at first not i was welcomes because of the religious group, but later they put me in a pod with even worse the major of the pod was very racist
Kelly: It was really hard at times but I tried to stay to myself and not get involved in the drama. I got into an argument one time with a girl because of her being so loud and disrespectful acting as if she owned the cell.
Ken: Everybody has problems with other inmates. The reason I say this is because if you put the best of the worst together, your gonna have alot of problems. From drug addicts complaining about there little ten days , to child molesters trying to be your friends.

JM: What types of things did you have to do to avoid problems or fights with other inmates?
Karl: be ya self. dont go looking for trouble
Lisa: you have to be respectful of everyone around you, no matter what, because there are many personalities to deal with. And if everyone is respectful, then problems do not arise.
Zach: well there was a lot of me time meaning laying in my bed and getting into a good book. I would try to just block it out of my mind like I wasn't there also you have to pick your friends very carefuly and not have many at all .
Kelly: there were not a lot of problems in the jail with fighting like I said the inmates were respectful to one another as long as you respected people they would give you the respect back the thirty days that I was there I did not see a fight or an argument.
Jeff: The most helpful thing I found to do was to just avoid as many people as you can and try to mind your own business. I also liked to read and play games to pass the time but sometimes even games can end in violence when someone loses and doesn't like that idea.
Maurice: Played cards watched tv and played ball write letters home talked about what we was in there for and what we was going to do to change our life and what or who we was changeing our lifes for witch for the most part it was our kids we may be in jail but most all of us miss the hell out of our kids
Jose: read, kept to yourself, watch tv, didnt talk to anyone of try to comunnicate with them, i played cards alone as well as read some books or hell if u truly wanted to avoid a fight you go to pc were ur in a cell by yourself but only get 2 hours of rec
Kelly: I had to really practice patience and bite my tongue a lot. I stayed in my bunk most of the time reading and minding my own business. I didnt ask anybody for anything nor did I do any kind of trading. I basically tried to go with the flow and be accepting of my situation.
Ken: I worked out alot. It helped me to release aggression and build up my body and health over all. I usually was not the one to avoid a fight, but then again I was usually the one that after a few fights nobody else really wanted to give me a problem.

JM: Were you able to choose an inmate as your cellmate if you knew one? How often would your cellmate(s) change?
Karl: yea
Lisa: no
Zach: no you don't get to pick your cell mate one day you could be housed with a drunk the next a robber. and the cell changes over a lot people getting out and people going to prison.
Kelly: we were not able to pick our cell mates I was in with about 12 other other girls and the cell mates did not change that often because there were so many of us
Jeff: No because based on the degree of my charge and it being violent I was in a single cell. But based on what I think I know it is not an option to pick a cellmate.
Maurice: No and we had someone new just about every day witch i thank made the time go by faster sometimes other when you got that loud mowth that nobody likes
Jose: no u weren't able to choose your cell mates it was all by luck of the draw which could be good but also but it could also cause fight usuaslly
Kelly: No you cant pick your cell mate. You are classified into levels and your with people of the same classification. You could get a new cellmate anytime people were always coming and going.
Ken: In prison you can sign up with someone, but in FCDC your either by yourself or in a open wing with nine other individuals. In prison you can use a contract to be moved in with one of your buddies , but people are always getting shipped to another institution or going to segregation. At that point they are probley going to throw whoever in the cell with you.

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