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Leisure Time

Interview with Karl, Lisa, Zach, Kelly, Jeff, Maurice, Jose and Ken

JM: What types of facilities were available to help pass the time?
Karl: basketball, boardgames,cards,tv and a walkin track
Lisa: none
Zach: there was onley a basketball court and a loop to walk around.there is cards so you can ply cards and there is also dominos a lot of people play chess or checkers theres not very many things to do in there so a lot of people workout in the day room.
Kelly: you had a tv to watch and church but other that that there was not a whole lot of activities to do you also had a court yard to go to outside but there was not much to do there other than walking around and getting to know people in there
Jeff: The main facility to pass the time was the basketball court which was real good for exercise. Most people chose to play basketball to burn their built up energy and anxiety but there was also a common room with a television and certain games that inmates could play together to pass the time.
Maurice: Just the ball courts and the break area you would thing when haveing that many crimnals in one area they would offer more for the inmates to do so they will stay calm and cause less fight cause they would all be buissie doing something other then sitting around thinking of stuff to do
Jose: dominos books tv walking basketball and about once every other month we would recieve a special type of rec where there could be a ping pong table or an xbox with madden, call of duty, nba and ncaa or they would have a free throw contest somestimes for mcdonalds food
Kelly: There was a court area outside that we could walk around, set in the sun, or play ball. We had a tv that occupied most of our time. We could go pick out books, which I did often. They also had church you could attend and a substance abuse program available.
Ken: You have to learn to love books. Reading is the greatest past time. Your able to buy playing cards and other things. I wrote a lot of letters and poetry. Working out seems to be the biggest thing because the majority of people come to jail out of shape, on drugs , or just looking to exit a new person.

JM: Did you have regular access to the entertainment or was competition fierce? Give details.
Karl: it was usually competition on the tv. no really physical jus verbal..
Lisa: it was fair
Zach: yes you have access to it but it is so small that it is prity hard to get out there and play because of there is so many people in a unit there is 80 people to a unit and there is a lot of fights when playing bascket ball
Kelly: The only entertainment there was was the tv I don't know what you are talking about it was very hard to get to watch anything on the tvj kthatj youj wanted to watch because other people watched what they wanted so yes there was competition that was fierce it was not easy
Jeff: Yes I had regular access to something whether it be basketball or television or games depending on the wait for one or the other. For example if I wanted to play ball but there was a wait I could usually find something else to do such as play a quick game of cards with someone.
Maurice: Yes it was hard some times to watch what you want to watch on tv cause theres one tv to 10 inmates per cell but for the most part every body like the same movies and tv series but some time it didnt always work out that way i have seen lots of fights over the tv
Jose: well it all depended on the pod and the people inside it some were jerks about it others were cool but for sure every tuesday night we all watched sons of anarchy and then the next night so wednesday we watch american horror story coven but sometimes people watch too much sports
Kelly: Entertainment is not something you have much of at all in jail. The tv is about as good as it gets and it could cause problems at times. For the most part the majority would agree on what to watch. I pretty much let them watch what they wanted to.
Ken: The t.v's cause the biggest problems on a open wing due to you have a number of people that want to watch different things. I've seen alot of fights over this one thing. There is always going to be problems with this and I'm not a big t.v watcher but have been involved in fights due to it turning into a race problem.

JM: Did you have a hard time staying in shape while in jail?
Karl: no. i worked out pretty much everyday
Lisa: yes
Zach: yes I always ganded a lot of waight it is hard to stay focused and work out something is always going on around you.
Kelly: yes the only thing you could do for exercise is walk a little and the food is very fatty youj gain weight
Jeff: Yes i did. I gained a lot of wait in jail. Probably fifty pounds in 18 months. The reason being that when I was in my single cell there was really limited movement and I also think stress and anxiety played a big role in it as well.
Maurice: Yes they offerd no work out areas at all you would think they would have some tyoe of work out area
Jose: i personally lost 70 pounds without working out at all but most guys in my pod who worked out were ok
Kelly: Yes, I gained a little bit of weight. I didnt get much exercise at all and was eating healthy at all.
Ken: I personally didn't but I have seen a lot of people gain alot of weight due to they are eating better than they did on the streets and not really alot of movement to burn the calories that they are taking in.

JM: How often did you get to go outside? What did you do outside if you were allowed to? If you were not allowed to go outside what could you do for exercise?
Karl: usually a couple times a day.
Lisa: none
Zach: the only thing is basketball but you can go out most of the day except on shift change and when the food comes or if we have a mean guard that wont let you.
Kelly: I went outside about 3 to 4 days a week like I said there was not much to do outside either other than walk around
Jeff: The only time I got to go outside was to go to court and back which was no exercise. The basketball court was the closest thing to being outside and you could get exercise with that.
Maurice: Just about everday play ball was all we could do if you wasnt playing ball you had to come back in you couldnt just stay out on the ball courts and not play
Jose: while the weather was warm i went outside twice a day at least if not more when it got cold i stayed away outside i would play basketball or sometimes we used the basketball as a volleyball and if not outside we did pushups
Kelly: I was fairly lazy in there and didnt go outside but a couple times a week. You could go out daily for about an hour. Most of the girls walked in circles and some set together to visit.
Ken: It all depends on where you are and what your custody level is. At FCDC if you are general population you are allowed to go into a concrete pen where there is a basketball goal but the balls are usually flat , but then again there are possible fights in this area due to alot of inmates and no officer.

JM: Did the jail offer church services? If so, what were they like and when were they held?
Karl: yes. every other sunday i believe. they were in the commom area. like any other church service.
Lisa: yes, but I did not get a chance to go
Zach: there was no church that I knew of but they did pass out bibles sometimes a preacher would come around and talk with inmates.
Kelly: I remember services were offered but I don't remember what days or what kind of services were offered in the jail
Jeff: Yes they offered church services but I never went so I do not know the details about it. But yes they were offered.
Maurice: Yes we had church every wed and sunday plus we had prayer meeting and bible studs just about every night
Jose: yes but it was once a month and done by a local church but in unit ll origanlly some of the inmates had made their own church but was disbanded by c.o's
Kelly: They did offer church on Sundays, however, at that time i chose not to attend. A lot of the girls would and seemed to enjoy it.
Ken: They did but i did not involve myself with the church services due to it was mostly sex offenders and I get extremely mad when i hear someone pray to whatever there god maybe to save them but they do nothing to save them selves.

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