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Visitor Policy

Interview with Karl, Lisa, Zach, Kelly, Jeff, Maurice, Jose and Ken

JM: How often could you receive visitors?
Karl: like 3 or 4 times a week.
Lisa: daily
Zach: your aloud two visits a week per person. but a different person could come and see you two times allso
Kelly: I received visitors twice a week on the average which were very short visits for both
Jeff: I received visitors twice a week usually from my family but I think you could receive visitors almost every day except one or two I think.
Maurice: We could have visitors just about everyday other then a few but the visits was interrupted all the time
Jose: you could get 2 visits a week mondays tuesdays wednesdays and thursday visiting time was from 6pm to 11pm no visits on fridays and cant remember weekends
Kelly: you could have visitors every day besides Friday. Through the week visitations was at night and the weekend was different hours.
Ken: Once again it depends on your classification level. The detention center considers it a privalige when in reality its the one thing that helps one maintain sanity in the situation they are in.

JM: Was the check-in process lengthy for those who came to see you?
Karl: thats what they usually said
Lisa: i dont know
Zach: yes sometimes it could be up to a one hour waite if your in restricted cus it can be even longer because only one inmate at a time alode out
Kelly: no the check in process was not lengthy but it was short visits it would take about 30 minutes to get in but a 15 minute visit
Jeff: Yes. My family would almost always complain about how long it took them to get to see me and complain about how long they had to stand in line.
Maurice: Yes i have waited up to 2 days to go back to a unit and you.cant lay down you dont get food as much as the inmates do in the back
Jose: im not a hundred percent sure but i do know that the guards were rude to my wife several times also if u brought something back with u like a phone your visit was canceled
Kelly: I know my family didnt enjoy it at all. They had to wait in a long line to check in and would sometimes miss the time they intended on visiting and would have to wait until the next visit, which was every half hour.
Ken: Yes it was from what I was told. My visitors some times had to wait for up to two hours to come in to see me.

JM: What was the visiting environment like?
Karl: small hole. piece a glass. cant hear nothing. very frustating. hard piece a rock to set on. no contact
Lisa: i dont know
Zach: It is ok but you cant hardly hear each other through the glass the environment is always clean Good parking and well lighted up for your safety Bathrooms clean the police will answer your questions if you have any I like it now that you can send cash to inmates.
Kelly: you taled on a phone with your loved one through the glass the phone were not the best jphones to use sometimes you could not hear the conversation the visiting time was short but it was just nice to be able to see and hear your loved ones no matter how short
Jeff: I didn't like it at all because other visitors and inmates could hear your conversations because it was not very private at all. Another thing I didn't like about it was that the glass between you and your visitor made you feel like you were further apart than you were and no contact was hard after you had been in there for a length of time.
Maurice: I could barly hear my visits threw thew thick glass and there is no contact for privacy cause all the inmates run around you while you visit is going on and alot of tines they will come up to see what you girl or mom or sister looks like so they can holla and start problems
Jose: it was a plex glass window inside a steel frame with tiny holes for you to speak into but you couldnt hear anything very good plust it was so uncomfortable and i hated the way it was set up so people in pods could see your visit which it isnt their business
Kelly: Visiting was on the top tier, in the front of the block. I set inside the block in a single squared off area and they set outside the block. We visited through a glass type window and we spoke to each other through a metal intercom like box. There were a few other inmates visiting at the same time beside you but we were separated by a wall.
Ken: Through plexy glass is awful because your family wants you hold you and you need to be held. Your kids want to play with you , your spose wants to feel your warmth , its awful when you gotta watch them away knowing you cant go with them. Its just as hard on them to have to walk away and not take you with them.

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