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Closing Advice

Interview with Randy, Will and Cynthia

JM: What else would you want a friend or family member to know if they have a loved one going to this jail?
Randy: Time will pass and if u have the right attitude and can get into a good block or get a good cellee it's not so bad.
Will: Get them out as soon as you can. It is a depressing and very empty environment. Imagine spending the day locked inside your bathroom and you will have an idea approaching the reality of the experience.
Cynthia: that their family member WILL NOT get a free phone call to call them when they get booked into the jail.some phone numbers allow a free 60 second call but not all so they may or may not be able to contact will have to call 1-800- PAY-TELL or go to and set up an account on your phone or put money on their books so that they can put it on the phone and call you.also you get charged a booking fee of $10 so you have to put atleast more than that on their books for them to have money to use.and they get commissary on Thursday but you have to put the order in by sunday you would have to have the money on there for them by sunday night if they are going to be able to order anything.but if you can't put any money on for them they will get 3 stamped envelops,a pad of paper,a pencil,a small bottle of shampoo,and a bottle of roll on deodorant from being indigent.

JM: If somebody knows they will be serving time in this jail what is your advice to them?
Randy: If at all possible get into the work release unit. Either get ur lawyer to set it up or work in the kitchen. Work release was actually kinda fun minus the food, bed, and non smoking. Oh and if u see a pillow snag it. It's totally worth the consequences if u get caught when u font have pillow privileges and u can sell ur pillow for lots of commissary. Indigent packets sell real good too. Most importantly bring an extra $10 cash cuz u get charged a "booking fee" any other money goes straight on ur books.
Will: Try to get work release if you are sentenced to County time, if not and you have a weak case then plead guilty and wavie everything possible to try and get out of there as quickly as possible. Sad to say but prison is actually a better alternative if you can't avoid it. If your bail is reasonable (not likely in this day and age of assigning 25,000.00 for a sholifting offense) then pay it and get out as soon as you can.
Cynthia: just try and do the best you can and make it through.don't be antisocial because havin friends is what makes the time go by so fast and makes it bearable.i laughed my ass off on a daily basis even though I was in jail and the reason for that is the friends I made with people in there

JM: Please list any other jail or rehab facilities you have been to.
Will: Jackson County Jail, Jackson, Michigan Preble County Jail, Ohio
Cynthia: Florissant,hazelwood,st.peters,lincoln county,st.louis city,chesterfield,bridgeton,manchester,marion county

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