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Jail Layout

Interview with Randy, Will and Cynthia

JM: How many different blocks were there?
Randy: I don't know. I was in D block for like one day. Then I was in work release. I hear there are also pods which are for weekenders and short timers and the like. There was a felony block next door and that's F block I think. The blocks are very old school and the pods are new. I met a guy who was in K pod once. Work release is way in the back and has it's own entrance so people can leave to go to work.
Will: There were probably about 7 or eight different blocks and they were designated by letter. A unit, B unit, C unit, D unit, etc. I believe they went all the way up to H unit or I unit. Unit were of varyng size. A unit help only about 7 or 8 inmates whereas some of the units housed as many as 70 inmates.
Cynthia: um I think around 16

JM: Did they have names? If so, what were they?
Randy: It's done by letters. The blocks have 2 tiers.
Will: See above.
Cynthia: they were just letters like A,B,C

JM: Which types of inmates were housed in the different blocks?
Randy: It's classified by how bad the crime was is what I heard.
Will: A unit was for males with mental/medical issues. B unit was for females with mental/medical issues. C, D and E units were for regular low to medium security population. F and above were higher security, and I imagine also segregation or special housing needs.
Cynthia: women were in A,C,Q,P,and N and men were in the rest.and A and B were for people that were on suicide watch or protective custody.

JM: What do you remember being the nicest and worst parts about the different blocks?
Randy: D block was a total shit hole. It was loud and falling apart and like 85-90 degrees in there all the time. It smelled horrible and the COs really just sit in the control room aka bubble and don't give a shit about you. Dome even try to make life suck extra hard. Nothing was good there. I only went there cuz they messed up my paperwork. In work release it's totally structure free. U can keep whatever hours you want. The COs only come and count 2x/day. The rest of the time they are outside of a locked office type door and there's a buzzer. Basically if u don't fight they could care less what you do. The bunks are in a L shape area surrounding the dayroom. The showers and bathroom are alot like a high school locker room. Honestly it's like being at summer camp when it's raining. I was stuck in there 24/7 but almost everyone else leaves the jail 12 hours/day to work.
Will: They all seemed to be about the same in relative badness. Jail is jail. A and B units had no television or games of any sort since they were mainly for suicide risks and the like so they were the most boring and also the most safe. You are under constant observation in them. C unit and above seemed to all have televisions and tables on which to play games but it seeme like all games had to be purchased through the commisary. There was a shelf with books in C unit but the books were rarely changed out and the selction was poor.
Cynthia: it just depended on which one you were in.Some were a lot older than others.I was in all 4 of the was really old and completely disgusting.Out of the 3 showers only one had a shower curtain and they all had mold all over them and had gnats flying everywhere.

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