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Interview with Ricardo, Lori, Carlos, Kirk, Tyler, Tami, Enrique and Anna

JM: Did you find it difficult to get along with other inmates? Please give examples to explain why you did or didn't.
Ricardo: El Paso is very organized by a certain prison gang and they run everything very militant. If you follow the written rules and are not gang related you will have no problems. Being that I was arrested for graffiti and being misdemeanor case the felony case people would ridicule, but I had no problem meeting level headed people.
Lori: yes. I did not have friends and felt sometimes like the object of their ridicule. They may have shared with me on occasion food/other articles. I was way out of my norm...I saw or was mixed with federal based prisoners. Drugs/tagging/other areas...i did not talk much.
Carlos: There are people of all kinds in there. Robbers, drug dealers, woman beaters, heroin addicts, gang members. Your bound to run into someone that ain't gonna like you
Kirk: Not really as long as you control yourself and be a man and be responsible you don't have problems occasionally some one will say some thing to piss you off and then you just have to either let it go or talk it out
Tyler: it wasn't difficult to get along with other inmates everybody there was pretty much worried about what was going to happen to them, everybody would clean there rooms in the morning and pretty much just talk all day.
Tami: overall i had gotten along with most of the inmates. some of them had very ddifficult personailites but i just kept to myself and tried my best to not interact with those ones.
Enrique: No it was pretty much easy as long as you followed the rules of the tank and held you own all you had to do was keep to yourself and wait for your time to end.
Anna: no, there are gonna be that rare few who just wanna stand out, but usually no they are just as worried about their outcome as you are so their really isnt time for arguing.

JM: What types of things did you have to do to avoid problems or fights with other inmates?
Ricardo: Listen to what was being said, be quite, do not ever pee on the designated shitter,not showering, being from a gang with a green light,not minding your business.
Lori: kept quiet/avoid many/read/read/read...share if possible but not too much. got closer to God...most did much on their own...some spoke more Spanish and this was the best way to relate to the other inmates...I did not speak as much Spanish then....I think others more bold that I tried so hard to endure living in jail
Carlos: Mind your business. I would draw alot watch tv play domino
Kirk: Swallowing your pride is the biggest and as long as you carry yourself smart you can avoid fights talking to them helps to or talking to someone else and allowing them to act as a kind of mediator helps a lot of the time other people won't let you fight because it will cause the guards to come in and search everything
Tyler: there wasn't anything I had to do to avoid problems or fights with other inmates, pretty much you just have to clean after yourself and follow the rules that are in the holding tank that your in, failure to do so will end up in a beating or getting hurt really bad , depending who was running the tank.
Tami: i have a good and respectful behavior so i just maintained a calm demeanor and respected those around me. the ones that had a more difficult personailiy i chose to stay away from. i would read and sleep alot. most of them only spoke spanish and i only speak english so that helped.
Enrique: Betting make sure you can pay if you are going to bet. Playing card games can be turned to a bet. Clean up after yourself and golden rule no stealing. Understand people are under a lot of stress so avoid talking about family or holidays anything that could remind other inmates they are there for a long time to come.
Anna: I would stay to myself alot and I worked while I was in the facility. When I came back from work I would play dominoes with a few girls who had been there with me for awhile so that occupied my time a whole lot. If you stay out of the drama you'll be ok.

JM: Were you able to choose an inmate as your cellmate if you knew one? How often would your cellmate(s) change?
Ricardo: I dont understand this question, but if you know someone in there then you know them and no one is going to tell you not to speak to each other. There are no gaurds in the Tank so the inmates run everything.
Lori: No, was in a group room. many as I learned not to take the monster pills as I did have active mental health disorder and opted not to be drugged up so I took some of the meds...and gave to my roommates. Some severely depressed...I was glad to help them. some cried/some made the best of it. Laughed a little at times...lonely and others were too.
Carlos: You cant choose. People come and go frequently.
Kirk: No you weren't you could ask to be moved but you don't have any control over where you go your cell mates change either when they get out or if there is a fight
Tyler: no you are not able to choose your cellmate they just pretty much throw you in a tank with 8 plus more people, and then from there you go in to whatever room you feel like you like.
Tami: i was not able to choose any of my inmates. i was placed in a large tank with 16 different women. the room i was sleeping in had 4 bunks. they would change frequently because people come and go
Enrique: No you were assigned a cell no one really left my tank we were all facing long time i only saw one cellmate leave the whole six months being there.
Anna: You are able to choose which room you want to reside in as long as their is a bunk available. If one is not available then you may ask someone if they are willing to switch with you.

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