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Visitor Policy

Interview with Ricardo, Lori, Carlos, Kirk, Tyler, Enrique and Anna

JM: How often could you receive visitors?
Ricardo: Twice a week anytime if its a lawyer.
Lori: possibly three to four times while i was at jail and usually you are on the other side of screen onlyh
Carlos: Saturday and sunday
Kirk: 2 times a week for 20 minutes each visit you can have multiple visits but they only have a 2 hour window to visit
Tyler: visitors where on the weekends only and it was for 20 minutes per each person
Enrique: Twice a week on saturdays and Sunday you could put up to four people on your visiting list.
Anna: Every weekend on saturday and sunday for a 20 minute visit. There was no limit on how many people could come as long as it was during visiting hours.

JM: Was the check-in process lengthy for those who came to see you?
Ricardo: On the regular it is a one hour wait for a 20 minute visit.
Lori: do not recall...i think they had to be friend or family. I hoped some would come to visit me and others did...lonely and terrible thing to experience.
Carlos: More of a wait then check in process
Kirk: From my understanding the line would get long sometimes kids are only allowed at the 1st weekend of the month so on those days the lines are long
Tyler: yeah I heard it took them like an hour sometimes 2 hours to come inside, and they would have to wait outside till they where called inside .
Enrique: There was usually a long line if they did not get there early there was a chance the hours would be over and you would not get the visit but other than the people waiting they say it was a fairly easy process.
Anna: Yes the line outside to start to see inmates starts about an hour prior to the whole visitation process starts. Then you still have to wait for them to call out the inmate.

JM: What was the visiting environment like?
Ricardo: It is like a long hallway seperated like race horses with a small steel stool a phone and a plexiglass seperating you from your loved one.
Lori: guard filled sad and overwhelming to see family behind bars...horrible. Glass divisions with our jail suit on...the divisions were well guarded and it appeared that the environment lacked of humor/intelligence to by assure that you at least had a small windowto visit and share what were the local events that were occurring.
Carlos: Thru a glass on the phone no personal contact
Kirk: You are separated by glass and talk over the phone there are 12 seats for visits for each block if they run out of room they will use space from another block its very acoustic so if there a lot of people it's sometimes very hard to hear what your loved ones are saying
Tyler: the visiting environment was okay because you get to see your loved ones for a while and that pretty much the only freedom you have at that time of you sentence and being in jail, its pretty sad you can talk to your loved one threw a phone and see them threw glass
Enrique: Well you had to be behind glass so there was like 15 inmates at either side of you but the chance to see you family was more important so the area itself was clean the guards didnt bother you much until it was time to end the visit other than that there were lots of emotions.
Anna: It is small, there are windows between you and your vistior, you must talk on a phone to hear each other, you are not allowed to touch anyone. The space is rather confined, so you are very close to other inmates who are visiting as well and it is sometimes hard to hear.

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