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Interview with Ricardo, Lori, Carlos, Kirk, Tyler, Enrique and Anna

JM: How many meals did you get per day?
Ricardo: 3 meals a day.
Lori: three...and purchased snacks if family brought you money
Carlos: 3 disgusting meals
Kirk: You get 3 meals each day
Tyler: we ate 3 meals a day
Enrique: They gave you three meals a day.
Anna: You are given 3 meals a day.

JM: How would you rate the food? Please give details of why.
Ricardo: I would rate the meals edible.
Lori: not the best edible barely...ate but had to eat food even if you did not want to...only form ofsubstinance...others did not want i at burritos and other quasi mexican food as expected while living on the border...I thought the bread was only a token of my appreciation. Thank God.
Carlos: Nasty alot of balogney sandwiches
Kirk: The food is ok tasteless but the portions are so small that it looks like elementary school kids get fed more sometimes when they are having a tour of the jail you will actually get a full tray of food but that is rare they always are telling us they are trying to increase the portions but they jail is broke
Tyler: sometimes the food was good, sometimes it was fresh ready made . and sometimes it was cold and not cooked right, for example the first day I was there they gave me a bologna sandwich that had mold on the bread it was pretty bad and I had to ask for another one
Enrique: Horrible that was the worst part of jail there was no flavor the beans had rocks in them you would chip you teeth the portions were smaller than they give in elementary school. It usually had no flavor if any most of the time it looked really gross it was the same thing every week and you would find hair and even a piece of rag was found it the cake.
Anna: The food is terrible. The meals usually consist of potatoes and beans, some meat is used in the meals, but sometimes you would recieve a plate with no meat at all, just potatoes with sauce. They also would serve sandwiches twice a week with a small bag of chips that was best meal we got.

JM: Did you have any favorite/least favorite meals?
Ricardo: Least favorite food would have to be the rice and beans with tacos. Hard, almost to the point of dehydrated.
Lori: do not recall too long ago...rubbery food with bland tasting areas to even enjoy the taste of the food and what nutrition it was.
Carlos: Breakfast cause i got milk
Kirk: Every Wednesday and Sunday you would get a sandwich with chips and cake that would be my favorite the least favorite would have to be waffles
Tyler: my favorite where the hamburgers they had once a week, they where pretty good, the ones I didn't like where the ones in the morning for breakfast it was egg with potato was not cooked right
Enrique: Breakfast was the most desirable part of the meals they had what they would call SOS which was usually my favorite. It was ground beef and potatoes in a gravy sauce usually if the potatoes were not raw or spoiled it was fairly good.
Anna: LOL my favorite was the Wednesday dinner and Sunday lunch, which was a sandwich and a small bah of chips.

JM: Were there any other snacks offered outside of meals? What was commissary like and how expensive was it?
Ricardo: Yes if you can afford commissary there is all types of junk food soups,candy, coffee, socks etc. The gang is going to take a about 3 dollars for the indigent folks. You got a problem with that well you know were that leads.
Lori: you had to buy by commissary and I was grateful for occasional snacks and yes, it may be costly but worth. only thing to really look forward to in jail...some got more treats as they had the money others just looked on.
Carlos: Not that expensive but you need alot of support from family
Kirk: No snacks other than commissary which is very overpriced for a cup of soup it's 1.10$ there is a nice selection of food though and your family can send you care packages through the commisarry vendor
Tyler: there was no other snacks besides sometimes little bags of chips, commissary was pretty good you can get chocolates, chips soups and anything pretty much you want , you can also get sodas and coffee
Enrique: Commissary was offered every week one time the prices were usually expensive but it not like you really had a choice. Hygiene was the most important thing after that snacks came next one cup of soup was a dollar. Nothing was really less than a dollar coffee being the most expensive at 12.00
Anna: You were allowed to purchase snacks off the commissary but the prices are crazy! They charge 1.50 for a candy bar, 1.40 for a cupcake, 1.80 for a soda, so if you or your family were unable to buy stuff then you rarely ate any snacks.

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