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Skagit County Jail

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Interview with Darlene, Ryan and Janis

JM: How long was your sentencing for?
Darlene: My sentencing was four months with the option to do jail alternatives if I qualified. I didn't qualify because of the fact that I violated the work crew by getting this charge so it was to be strait jail time.
Ryan: The sentencing for my previous charge lasted for about 3 hours.
Janis: 2 days.

JM: Did you spend time in a holding cell after your sentencing? If so, what was that like? If you didn't where did they they take you instead?
Darlene: No I did not spend time in a holding cell following sentencing but I did when I turned my self in for my commitment in January. It was really cold, and really dirty, they left me sitting in a little brick room with a wood bench and a toilet and a sink for 4 hours. I ended up falling asleep on the bench.
Ryan: When I was arrested previously, I spent 13 days in the jail and was in a holding cell for about 16 hours. It's ok, but it gets really boring not having anyone to talk to.
Janis: Yes. It was very cold and I was very hungry as I had not eaten breakfast before I left the house.

If you or someone you love is headed to Skagit County Jail, you might be wondering what to expect as you serve your time. Going to jail can be scary, especially if this is a first for you. While we can't promise that being in jail will be easy, having the right information can help you prepare for the experience.

We have interviewed former inmates of Skagit County, who have shared their tips and insight into day to day life in the jail. You can access their interviews by clicking links to the left. Take a few minutes to read their stories and learn what life is really like inside Skagit County Jail.

Skagit County provides inmates three meals per day. Unfortunately, the food is rated as very poor. On a scale from 1-10, one inmate gave it a negative 10.

The least favorite meal of many inmates is the tuna, which is generally referred to as cat food. The meatloaf also ranks down with the least favorite and has been nicknamed "brake pad" because it is in the shape of a brake pad and very hard. One the positive side, the jail does often provide a treat with meals, which reportedly tastes pretty good.

Inmates can also order extra snacks from the commissary as long as they have money on their books.

Getting Along
Being forced to live with a bunch of people you don't know can be challenging, especially when you can't take a time out to leave if things get heated. In Skagit County, former inmates report that the other inmates aren't too difficult to get along with if you respect others and try to mind your own business.

Try to stay out of cliques and be friendly with everyone. In the women's section, the cells are open and inmates are able to move about freely. This can be a very good thing because if you aren't getting along with your cell mate, you can choose to go to another cell. Using basic common courtesy can get you a long way with other inmates just like it can get you a long way on the outside.

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