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Jail Layout

Interview with Darlene, Ryan and Janis

JM: How many different blocks were there?
Darlene: There are 13 diffrent "Pods"
Ryan: 4
Janis: Not sure

JM: Did they have names? If so, what were they?
Darlene: Yes.There are the following: Work Release Female Pod's: F-Pod,G-Pod,Female M/M, Booking, Isolation. Male Pod's: Trustee, Male Infirmary,C/Male Iso Pod,D Pod,A-Pod,B-Pod,E Pod
Ryan: They were pods A-D
Janis: Not sure.

JM: Which types of inmates were housed in the different blocks?
Darlene: Girls were housed in the F,G,& MM, guy's in the C,D,A,B,E and Iso
Ryan: Violent offenders were in D pod, sexual offenders were in A pod, and I am unsure of the other 2.
Janis: Not sure.

JM: What do you remember being the nicest and worst parts about the different blocks?
Darlene: F-Pod is the place to be, it is 2 tiers and it has 7 diffrent cells, with walls between each cell, and 2 beds per room, 2 rooms had 3 beds, but with the walla between the cell's it has a lot more privacy and it hold's 16 girls. I've also been in G-Pod and it sucks, it's a huge open room with 24 bunk's in it, no privacy at all.
Ryan: Well I only spent time in 1 pod, but it was nice that everyone got along. The worst part would be that I was housed with sex offenders when I wasn't even charged with anything like that.
Janis: My pod was nice because we had a TV in our cell and no limit on how many books we could have.

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