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Good Behavior

Interview with Darlene, Ryan and Janis

JM: Did you get off early based on good behavior?
Darlene: I did get out early. The good behavior time is like this: You do 3 days on 5, 7 days on 10, 14 on 20, and 20 days on 30 days. So on my 120 day sentance I ended up serving 90 days, I got a full month off.
Ryan: I got out early because the judge came in and released me.
Janis: No.

JM: What is the most time off you can receive for good behavior?
Darlene: It all depends on the amount of time your sentenced to. The moe time you have to serve, the more time you get off your sentence so like if you were to do a month you could get 10 days off, and if you were to do a year you could get 3-4 months off.
Ryan: I believe it's 20 percent.
Janis: N/A

JM: What types of actions do you need to avoid in order to get time off? Did you ever witness somebody losing time off for good behavior?
Darlene: Good time can be taken away for a number of thing's such as: Fighting, swearing at the guards, having any drug's or drug paraphernalia, having tattoo supplies, fishing, or committing any of the major infractions.
Ryan: Fighting, be cooperative, be nice, do chores when asked, keep only allowable objects in your cell.
Janis: N/A

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