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Interview with Darlene, Ryan and Janis

JM: Did you always have access to necessary medications?
Darlene: Me personally yes because I dont take medication's. I toold tylenol and IB profin 3 times a day.
Ryan: Yes.
Janis: Yes.

JM: How did you get your medications?
Darlene: The medication cart comes around at 7:30 am, 2:30 pm, and 7:30 pm
Ryan: In a paper cup with them watching me take them.
Janis: Write a "kite"

JM: What types of punishments were incurred for abuse of drugs? Did you ever witness this?
Darlene: Loss of good time, tv being taken away from the pod, loss of visitation. When you take your med's you are to open your mouth for them to make sure you swallowed it because of so many people abusing their medications and giving there med's away to others to abuse.
Ryan: New charges, stripping of clothes, solitary confinement.
Janis: Not sure.

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