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Jail Layout

Interview with Ryan, Ron, Sandra, Jose, Rob, Andre and Jen

JM: How many different blocks were there?
Ryan: there was 4 cell blocks
Ron: there was four cell blocks for the men
Sandra: i do not know
Jose: there was 5 blocks where i was located the others on the other side were for serious criminals
Rob: there was four cell blocks
Andre: there was 4 blocks where i was
Jen: There was no blocks, but there was different buildings. So for the girls there were like 4 different ones I believe and same goes for the boys.

JM: Did they have names? If so, what were they?
Ryan: population d cell f cell b cell
Ron: cell block c cell block f cell block fb cell block cf the other was on the out side away from the misdameanors that was for the major felonies murders
Sandra: no
Jose: there was fox alpha fox bravo fc fd b side c side
Rob: f-a f-b f-c f-d
Andre: they was called f block c block f-b block on the other side was maximum security
Jen: They did have names but I only remember mine. Mine was, Mid Eastern something...

JM: Which types of inmates were housed in the different blocks?
Ryan: all inmates from all crimes except serious offenses were all together the higher crimes such as murder was in a lock down facility
Ron: everyone with misdameanors was all in each four cell blocks the major felons were in a cell block away from the misdameanors
Sandra: i do not know.
Jose: f-b was minumum f-a was 2nd minumum f-c was 3rd minumum f-d was 4th minumum bside was the womens cells c-side was maximum security
Rob: f-a was minumum security f-b was minumum with violence f-c was very serious violent outof control people f-d was for population
Andre: the inmates were housed on for what charges they was brought in for it listed from minor to aggressive charges each person was put in a diffrent block
Jen: Misdemenors and Felons were all booked together. I never met any murderers but I did meet people who had charges for something as low as driving without a license to people who I had grand theft in the 1st degree, so it all depended.

JM: What do you remember being the nicest and worst parts about the different blocks?
Ryan: the nicest thing was i knew some people in there and other was friendly to make it easy through the day
Ron: the nicest about the cell blocks was being organized
Sandra: i did not like getting up at 4:30am. the good part was be able to watch the news on tv.
Jose: the bad parts about the blocks is that there were always a fight going on they smelled bad the nice thing about them you can stay in the cell as long as you want too
Rob: there was nothing nice about it only got out for one hour then locked down the rest of the day
Andre: the nicest things was most of the inmates was very friendly and help you through the struggle
Jen: The worst parts are the correctional officers and the trustees believe it or not. The correctional officers don't give a damn about you, they just sit on their ass and call roll like it's a damn daycare but without attending to the children. The nicest part was being able to watch TV and sleeping as long as you want. Most people were kind to, but I think that it was just because I had commissary that they were nice.

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