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Visitor Policy

Interview with Tammy, Tiffany, Sarah, Rachel and Betty

JM: How often could you receive visitors?
Tammy: twice a wek.
Tiffany: For one hour twice a week. Only one visit per permitted visiting day per inmate. Meaning just because they might have daytime and evening visiting hours each vizo day: if an inmate has a visitor that morning, if another family member shows up to visit that same day for the later vizo- they will be turned away.
Sarah: Visitors have a certain time to come and visit once a week i think it was.
Rachel: I never even received a visitation list,maybe becaue they didnt know how long i would be in there but i did not receive a visitor paper
Betty: not sure when I was able to receive vistors on what day of the week. The day I was arrested my girls were able to see me that day for 1 hr

JM: Was the check-in process lengthy for those who came to see you?
Tammy: depends on how many other people were checking in to visit. overall - no they sign in, give their ID and then they call us inmates and bring us down to visitation
Tiffany: Yes at that time you had to wait 2 1/2 hours to visit a loved one for 1 hour. Behind glass talking through a phone.
Sarah: The check in process is very long. You have to sign up online and then bring your id and for them to put you in their system at the jail and it takes about a hour and ten minutes.
Rachel: i never got to see in visitors or nobody came and saw me,i was stuck in my cell for 2days and only got 2bags of luch blonhga sanfsi
Betty: they said they had to wait for over an hr then they had to be moved somewhere then go upstairs so they were there for about 2hrs before i saw there

JM: What was the visiting environment like?
Tammy: if it wasnt raining - we were outside sitting around picnic tables and it was nice cause they were contact visits in palm beach county. if its raining - your in a big room with tables and you sit across from the visitor. your allowed to hug and kiss in beginning and end of visit and you can hold hands during. Other physical contact was not allowed and if you got caught then your visit would end immediately and you were brought back to the cell. (I never experienced that but saw others have it happen to them)
Tiffany: Wall of seats at windows with phones. Nothing really special and no privacy. Viso phones are monitered anyway. Mostly girlfriends and wives & mothers visiting. Only 3 visitors permitted at a time per inmate.( including children) the seats are metal so you dont get too cozy. And the phone is old and smells as if it has never been sanitized.
Sarah: It was like you see on TV. One person on one side of the glass and one person on the other with a phone . Visitation is about 45 minutes long and everyone is sitting right next to each other able to hear each others conversation. Then you get warned about 5 minutes before its over
Rachel: i did not get to visit anybody.but the one time i did visit somebody it was a decent stuction i wish there and wish there was a little more privacy but it was organized and set up normal i would say so other than that no problens,just needs to be startalized
Betty: the visiting environent was actually cleaner then the part that i slept in but the chairs were small and not comfortable but we had to use a phone to speak to each other but i was happy that i was able to see them for about an hr and more then 1 person was able to come at a time

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