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Closing Advice

Interview with Brad, Brit, Chuck, Ben and Carl

JM: What else would you want a friend or family member to know if they have a loved one going to this jail?
Brad: If you know ahead of time that you are going to do time,try to save as much money as possible to buy commissary.....otherwise you are at the mercy of the jail. Try to mind your own business and keep all your personal possessions close and where you can see them, and what ever you do, dont get caught up with the changing of the television because that is where most fights start. Dont take nothing that doesnt belong to you.....even if an inmate offers it, because there is always strings attached.
Brit: dont go to this place you will not only get to do your time but you will also get some sort of disease this place is no joke you actually watch people die in your block get raped beat down bad hospitol lized and the guards dont care most of the pain you get or see form there is from the guards they are pure power tripping
Chuck: so long as they obey the rules and keep out of trouble they should be fine. then again had they done that to start they wouldn't be going to jail.
Ben: If I had a family member or friend going to the jail, I would want them to keep their mouth shut and stay to themselves. Follow all directions and behave yourself.
Carl: Avoid at all costs

JM: If somebody knows they will be serving time in this jail what is your advice to them?
Brad: Yes,dont go to jail!!! Many people use inmates to release their frustrations. most of the guards are not professional when it comes to the job and you could easily turn a short stay into an eternity.
Ben: Follow the directions that the corrections officers give. Keep you mouth shut and keep to yourself. Eat as much as possible before you go in. Make sure your house accepts collect calls.
Carl: Get a better lawyer

JM: Please list any other jail or rehab facilities you have been to.
Ben: Charleston County Jail in Charleston, SC but only in the waiting area for 1 day

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