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Visitor Policy

Interview with Brad, Brit, Chuck, Ben and Carl

JM: How often could you receive visitors?
Brad: Visitors were allowed to come 3 times per week at prescribed times and because we were from Philadelphia we were given about 15 extra minutes.
Brit: 2 times a week
Chuck: at least 2 or three times a week if memory serves.
Ben: There were two days a week you could receive visitors depending on what letter your last name starts with.
Carl: Its a video person to person

JM: Was the check-in process lengthy for those who came to see you?
Brad: From what I was told No....maybe 20-30mins.
Brit: yup hour or so
Chuck: according to my mother it was a simple process.
Ben: They had to do background checks on everyone who came to see you and would have to wait and clear all the halls so the civilians could walk down the hall. They would have to be searched then wait in the room to be able to see you.
Carl: 4 hours --plan to make a day to get a half hour visit

JM: What was the visiting environment like?
Brad: I had a visit in July of 2008 and it was through a glass on a phone with no ventilation. my visitor said they would never do it again.
Brit: shitty dirty spit on the floor walls just plan nasty
Chuck: not certain how it was on their side however my side wreaked of urine from inmates whom were kept in the visiting room for longer then necessary and had no where else to relieve themselves. this may have changed but it is a thick glass window with partitioned into booths with the usual stools and phones on the wall. no contact visits. visits typically lasted 30 mins or so with special accomidations made for those whom had to travel far.
Ben: It was one room with multiple separate windows. It was a long skinny room with metal seats bolted to the floor. The visitor and inmate would have to speak through a phone and it was very crowded. The corrections officers were pretty laid back and didn't rush you through the visit unless someone was acting inappropriately.
Carl: sucky

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