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Jail Layout

Interview with Luis, Kelly, Cheryl, Shaylee, Todd, Anne, Robyn, Felicia, Marianna and Tina

JM: How many different blocks were there?
Luis: I have no idea but its I think 8 stories worth of cells.
Kelly: alot
Cheryl: Not sure.
Shaylee: What do u mean blocks? Each pod has about 50 cells,each cell has two bunks and 3 or more people
Todd: ??
Anne: on my floor 46
Robyn: I don't know. I was exhausted and cold by the time they took me upstairs. I was on the 6th floor.
Felicia: There are 4 pods on each floor

JM: Did they have names? If so, what were they?
Luis: they were in alphabetical order.
Kelly: they went alphabetically like a, b, c, etc
Cheryl: They were all Alphabetised A, B and so on.
Shaylee: Yeah A,B,C,and D
Todd: yes, they had names. They were.....floor number, pod number
Marianna: I was on the sixth floor, C POD 50 cells on that block I think?
Anne: A pod b pod c pod d pod
Robyn: I think they just had numbers and letters
Felicia: A pod, b pod, c pod, d pod and visting area

JM: Which types of inmates were housed in the different blocks?
Luis: the gays and the scared ones were in protection pods and the felons were apart from the misdominors and of course the blacks were kept out of the hispanic cells.

Note: Jail Media does not condone racism in any way, shape or form. We thought we would be doing our readers a disservice, however, by censoring interviews - it is important for anybody wondering about what jail is like to understand what mentality really exists in jail.
Kelly: misdemeanors and felonies were on separate floors. and of course men and women were separated
Cheryl: Misdemeanours were and they kept the male and female separate of course.
Tina: The medical inmates where held on my side of the block and the mentally ill where held on the other side in a smaller block area on the same floor
Shaylee: They were placed based on their offense
Todd: ??
Marianna: alot that were waiting to go to Mabel Basset Prison.
Anne: depends on where the put you. mixed everyone up
Robyn: I don't know. I only knew a little about the women I came in with. I did see some inmates in the gym we were held in and when I lost my balance and fell, one of the women brought to the guards attention.
Felicia: They were mixed together but d pod was for inmates that already signed for their time a and b pod was for those who has misdeamors and non violent charges

JM: What do you remember being the nicest and worst parts about the different blocks?
Luis: I dont remember anything good about the place ....unless you count leaving. For me the worst part about being there was that I was there for something I didnt do.
Kelly: there was nothing nice
Cheryl: Nothing was nice about it at all. The worst, I don't know. It was all pretty bad.
Tina: There where not really any nicest or worst things about the blocks they both looked the same to me except that one was bigger then they other
Shaylee: The nicest part was forgetting where u are the worst part is not being aloud to clean your assigned cell for months at a time
Todd: All horrible
Marianna: I liked Rec time. otherwise to much time to think, the shower curtain wasn't enough for my modesty.
Anne: nicest nothing at all it was a nightmare, worst no mat no nothing water off for long periods of time, feed old lunch meat that made me deathly ill. not feed right at all in there and being a diabetic doesnt mean they care.
Robyn: Downstairs was the worst, it stunk, the food consisted of really nasty balongna and we had little tiny cups for water from the sink above the toilet. that was very gross.
Felicia: There was nothing nice about being in jail they might lwt you out of your cell 30 min evwry otha day u get 3 meals a day therws a chance you might not have tyme to take a shower every pod has same rules that they have to abide by

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