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Interview with Luis, Kelly, Cheryl, Tina, Shaylee, Todd, Anne, Robyn and Felicia

JM: How long was your sentencing for?
Luis: I was in jail for 28 days before I went to court and once in court I was given time served.
Kelly: 1 day
Cheryl: 1 year
Tina: Not sure just yet
Shaylee: 5years, no probation or parole
Todd: N/A
Anne: 10 years and 12 weekends in jail
Robyn: I did not receive a sentence.
Felicia: 5 yrs deferred 2 yrs probation and 200 hrs of community service

JM: Did you spend time in a holding cell after your sentencing? If so, what was that like? If you didn't where did they they take you instead?
Luis: Yes I did spend time in a holding cell both before and after sentencing. It was hot crowded and smelled like urine. Oh and after court since we had to spend so much time in the holding cell we missed dinner and had to go hungry that night.
Kelly: yes. they forgot about us and there were 8 of us in there for 9 or 10 hours
Cheryl: Yeah, I was in there for awhile, it stank and there was quite a few of us in there.
Tina: No spent time in holding cell before being taken up to the medical floor cell area
Shaylee: It was a releaf to know my outcome, however it was awful waiting for that moment.
Todd: no
Anne: Yes it was cold as hell you can see your breath its so cold. They dont allow blankets in holding if they even have any when your put in cell your lucky.
Robyn: I spent 22 hours in three different holding cells. It was crowded, cold, they would not provide toilet paper for the one toilet in there and then only one at a time. This was for 10 to somewhere close to 20 women at some times. They would not provide blankets or turn up the heat. We were absolutely miserable.
Felicia: I was in holding cell for 2 days it was packed nowhere to sit or lay you have to use bathroom infront of everyone it was cold and never any toilet paper

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