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Interview with Luis, Kelly, Cheryl, Tina, Shaylee, Todd, Marianna, Anne, Robyn and Felicia

JM: Did you always have access to necessary medications?
Luis: yes
Kelly: if you want to call it that
Cheryl: Yes
Tina: I had access to my meds when I was at Cleveland County, but when I got to Oklahoma County they kept my meds downstairs and then they threw away my prefilled shots for my Multiple Sclerosis that cost $4000 plus a box
Shaylee: If you need
Todd: N/A
Marianna: no
Anne: no it takes 2 weeks to even get to see a doc and your charged 15 bucks each time for visit. reguardless if he does anything to help you or not. most of the time your sitting handcuffed to a pole waiting all day and then hes rude to you and you still feel like hell.
Robyn: NO! I am on a medication which has to be taken daily or I could die within a week of being off of it. I informed the nurse of what I was taking and when I was supposed to take it. It was never given to me by anyone who worked at that facility.
Felicia: No you do not its brought to you by nurse

JM: How did you get your medications?
Luis: you had this nurse come around avery so often I cant remember the times but they were pretty dependable.
Kelly: in a way you didnt. it takes 48 hours to get you your meds
Cheryl: They got brought to me.
Tina: They would come down and give me my meds during breakfast and then come back and take me to nurses office after breakfast for the shot at Cleveland County atleast
Shaylee: The jail passes out meds twice a day
Todd: N/A
Anne: after 2 weeks got a med he wanted me to have not what i was supposed to have for my diabetes
Robyn: You didn't.
Felicia: Never took any medication if i did they bring it to you in morning and before you go to bed

JM: What types of punishments were incurred for abuse of drugs? Did you ever witness this?
Luis: none
Kelly: not sure
Cheryl: I don't know
Shaylee: None it goes unnoticed due to "short staff"
Todd: ??
Anne: i seen alot of abuse but they really just strip search you whenever they want and are degrading.
Robyn: I never saw any drugs but as I was being processed out, I did smell pot in a hallway and the guard just made a small joke about it. The smell was very strong.
Felicia: More sentencing time another chaege addwd to you case no but i have heard from a couple other people that has got introuble for drugs

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