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Interview with Luis, Kelly, Krissie, Cheryl, Tina, Shaylee, Todd, Marianna, Anne, Robyn and Felicia

JM: How many meals did you get per day?
Luis: I got three meals per day.
Kelly: 3
Krissie: Three
Cheryl: Three
Tina: they serve three at each facility
Shaylee: You are offered 3 meals a day
Todd: 3
Marianna: 3
Anne: well we got cream of wheat no suger with smashed coffee cake in it for breakfast or bologne sandwhich and that for dinner most of them time also.
Robyn: 2or3
Felicia: 3 meals a day unless your pregnant

JM: How would you rate the food? Please give details of why.
Luis: The food was very sorry and they gave just enough to keep you from dieing of starvation.
Kelly: id rather starve
Krissie: On a scale of 1-10, I give it a 0.
Cheryl: 0 = Horrible
Tina: It really sucked I did not eat for the whole five days that I was at either jail
Shaylee: Not safe
Todd: Zero The food was horrid!! The bread they served me was either moldy or rock hard. Nothing has any taste and the texture is unbearable!
Marianna: mostly beans, potatoes and plenty of white bread. no real flavor. I ate because I had to or irritate my ulcer.
Anne: 000000 sometimes spoiled meat and your fed like dogs on paper with it all smashed together just nasty and people starve in there.
Robyn: A minus 10. It was sandwiches in a smashed sack with horrible smelling food. I did not eat for the 30 some hours I spent in there and I was told by another girl who came in before me but whom I spent time in holding how lucky I was to only have to spend that much. I got out quicker than she did.
Felicia: Very bad nasty gross unbelievable the food look like slop it was mixed together or there was hardly any on ur plate. I guess the only good thing was the fruit the bologna was thick bread was smashed the coolaid got all over the food somwtimes and the water was out the sink thats connected to tha toilet

JM: Did you have any favorite/least favorite meals?
Luis: no
Kelly: no
Krissie: No, it was all equally disgusting.
Cheryl: Not really
Tina: No it all looked really bad and I would not feed it to my worst enemy
Shaylee: No
Todd: least favorite: EVERYTHING
Anne: hated it all
Robyn: They ARE ALL BAD
Felicia: No food was nasty thwy always brings bologna sandwiches with a coolaid pack and and a fruit breakfast was gross and cold

JM: Were there any other snacks offered outside of meals? What was commissary like and how expensive was it?
Luis: no
Kelly: no
Krissie: No
Cheryl: Nope
Tina: No not at either jail
Shaylee: Sure if you are able you are allowed to spend $100 a week on food and hygene products
Todd: no, commissary machine was down the whole time I was in.
Anne: depends if they had any commissary to order, and very expensive cant get much on there due to prices.
Robyn: The only snacks offered to me were by my cell mate which she bought in the commissary. The downstairs guards just looked at us as if we were animals in a Zoo. They gave us dirty looks if we even dared ask for anything.
Felicia: Yeah if you buy it from comminsary it was expensive some thinga was resonable but others cost way to much. Personal hygeine was the highest cost on the listvand you have a ordee limit to certain items

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