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Bexar County Jail

200 N Comal
San Antonio, TX 78207
phone 201.335.6300

Interview with John, Raquel, Colby, Nikki, Hoyllwood, Woody, Pat, Jeremy, Lekisha, Gary, Ricky, Warren and Lea

JM: How long was your sentencing for?
John: Time served which was two weeks.
Raquel: I was locked up in the annex for almost a year before getting my 10 probation sentence. I am 9 years into it.
Colby: Defered Adjudicated
Nikki: I violated my probation and was charged with an MTR, motion to revoke... the judge sentenced me to 90 days on an electonic moniter
Hoyllwood: only a few hours.
Woody: 2-20
Pat: 3yrs tdc
Jeremy: I was sentenced to 6 months county time.
Lekisha: The first charge was 4wks and 500 in fine Am still going to court in second case
Gary: 6 months plus 2 yrs probation
Ricky: 20 months in state jail
Warren: I served 45 days and got probation.

JM: Did you spend time in a holding cell after your sentencing? If so, what was that like? If you didn't where did they they take you instead?
John: Just like pre sentencing. Your in there with everyone-murders, rapists, etc.
Raquel: Yes, you go back into the holding cell and wait for the bus to transfer you back to the jail.
Colby: Yes, No different if in jail on Holidays but did have different moods from other inmates as they miss there families and reminisce would it would be like if they were out..
Nikki: I was in a holding cell for about 30 minutes and then transported back to Bexar County Jail
Lea: Holding cell sucked. It is before they classify where you will be until your court date which can be anywhere from 2 weeks to 2 months before you actually see the judge, the girls in the holding cell are in there for anything from minor possesion charges to serious assault charges.
Hoyllwood: After the sentencing it seemed as if they took even longer to do nothing. haha what do they care? Our tax dollars pay them.
Woody: spent alot of time in a cell
Jeremy: Yeah, I was taken to a holding cell after I got sentenced. Again it was also crowded but this time the emotions were more varied. Some were obviously happy because they got a lot less time than they thought they were going to get. others were seriously and majorly pissed off because they got a lot of fuckin time. Some who were newbies in the system were crying because they had never gone to jail before and were scared.
Lekisha: No I guess nothing is as bad as when you arrested by maybe 2-3 hrs but I think it should take alot lee time then sitting in a holding cell
Gary: Yes I did spend time in a holding cell after court. Thats skmethin thar you rarely get away from its not bad enough that you are at court all day but then have to sit in the holding cells after
Ricky: I sat in a holding cell for 20 minutes until being transferred back to jail. I felt relief, it was finally done with. I knew a date that I would be home on.
Warren: No I stayed there cuz I only served 30 more days and there was no point to move me to another facility, but they did make me go to IHRP PROGRAM with haven for hope 90 days ther.

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Located in San Antonio, Texas, the Bexar County Jail serves a county population of 0ver 1,600,000.

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