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Visitor Policy

Interview with John, Raquel, Colby, Nikki, Lea, Hoyllwood, Woody, Pat, Jeremy, Lekisha, Gary, Ricky and Warren

JM: How often could you receive visitors?
John: Twice a week for 20 min.
Raquel: Once a week most of the time.
Colby: Varies on your name as there are schedules based on the letter of the inmates last name. Apx 3 time a week and a day with children on the weekends, must be in the P.A.T.C.H. program for children visitation
Nikki: twice a week
Lea: 2 times a week for 20 minutes
Hoyllwood: I never got a visitor even if they did offer it to me.
Woody: 2x a week
Pat: Never had one, they always turned them away
Jeremy: You could receive visitors two times a week depending on what letter your last name started with.
Lekisha: It goes by it last name and 2 times per week I would have sunday and tuesday. My boyfriend was there every visit day
Gary: I never received I never got any visitors For your love is it is twice a week
Ricky: 2 visits a week. adults on one day then you can have kids and adults on another.
Warren: Two people can visit twice a week for 30 minutes at a time children can come on weekends only

JM: Was the check-in process lengthy for those who came to see you?
John: No, not really.
Raquel: Not really. Usually within 30 min to an hour.
Colby: Yes, as overcrowding remains to be a challenge for the jail, also brings more people to visit loved ones. Avereage wait is Apx 2 hours in early part of the day or 3-4 hours in the evening as more people are off from work and haves that oppurtunity to visit loved ones
Nikki: I don't know, but I heard it is
Lea: yes my visitor waited 2 hours
Hoyllwood: I dunno... no one woulda come to see me.
Woody: dunno no one came to see me its easier to write a letter unless you just like seein people thru glass
Jeremy: Yes, and it was mostly because there was a lot of people coming for visits. Everyone had to go through a metal detector and then wait around until their turn came up to be called to go upstairs for their visit.
Lekisha: Yes they would wait hours down stairs to come up for only 20 mins. It was a very long stressful waiting for them it gets so crowded.
Gary: I never received visits but the other guys told would tell me that their family would be waiting for hours downstairs a lot of people come to visiting especially that the only on the days
Ricky: sometimes its quick. mostly its a couple hours of waiting. at the annex its fast because the can do up to 50 visits at a time.
Warren: The check in process is longer during the weekends and depending on the lines can actually be really fast I think they treated visitors nicely as we'll

JM: What was the visiting environment like?
John: Dirty and small.
Raquel: Cold. Sterile. You talk through glass with a phone. Not the best experience I have ever had.
Colby: Crowded.
Nikki: I never had a visit except from a lawyer and it seemed typical for a jail, similar to what you might see on TV
Lea: glass window telephone to talk through
Woody: loud uncontrolled oh thats right someone would actually have to work
Jeremy: You saw your visitor through a plexi-glass window and spoke to them through a phone receiver. The visitor, like the inmate, had to sit and talk on one of those round metal stools and put up with all the surrounding noise made by all the other visitors and their children. Each visit lasted only 15 min. and you could only get one visit per day. All visits, like the phone calls, were monitored and recorded.
Lekisha: You were in a hallway it looks like with booths a metal chair a glass window seoerating to and your guest the girls on one side and guys on the other it wasnt an experience I would likecto relive with visiting with my fiends and family it looked pretty much like a jail cell only difference your visitors
Gary: I never received a visit so I never thought of it in area Was told him to just like a jail cell with the little bit little chairs Has little store with glass windows in phone there's a section for the girls and a section for the guys I really don't know much about this one being that I never did get visitors
Ricky: its just 15 minutes long. theres a glass in between you and your visitors. the phone is usually messed up so u hear static all the time. its usually sad and depressing. people will be cussing because they are getting bad news, others will be happy. I personally dont like visits.
Warren: The visiting room was like a big glass with a big number on it each side of the glass had a phone for us to be able to communicate back and forth with. Almost sad and depressing to have your family see you like that but altleast we saw eachother

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