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Reviews for Bexar County Jail


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Reviews for Bexar County Jail

Reviews by Trish

JM: Which jail did you visit?
Trish: Bexar County jail mens section

JM: How long ago was your visit?
Trish: Quite often for the past two years, last one was Christmas Day.

JM: How many times did you visit?
Trish: I visit as often as I can, mostly every SAT.

JM: How do you go about making an appointment to see an inmate?
Trish: You have to line up to got through the front for a search, then get a number, then line up with the number and go and ask to see your inmate, then they hold you on the first floor if it is crowded on the floor that you are going to visit, then you are sent up to the floor and you sit there forever until they call your name to see your relative or person.

JM: How long did check-in process take?
Trish: On Christmas day, i waited outside for over two hours, then was in line for 20 minutes to give them my ticket, then I waited two hours downstairs being held because it was crowded on the floor i was going to, then i waited at least another 4 hours upstairs, so I waited over 8 hours at the jail to see my son.

JM: Were the guards accommodating?
Trish: Yes, they were very accommodating this time, except one of the ones downstairs was ruder than rude at the front desk, but everyone else was good this time. But, i have had them be very mean up on the floor that I visit my son on. there are some good ones, and there are some very, very bad ones too.

JM: What was the visiting environment like?
Trish: We were all just waiting to see our people, most of us have gotten to know each other, we have seen each other from time to time, while waiting there. We were all there for the same reason, and while we were there a boy or a man hung himself, so for a while we were not sure if it was our loved one or not. We were just all there waiting to see if it was our person. And then, someone told us who it was and we were relieved but still hurting for the family of that poor young man that took his own life on Christmas Day. I am still praying for him, his mother and loved ones. I know that cannot be easy for them, my heart goes out to his family.

JM: How long was your visit? Did the guards ever allow you to take extra time?
Trish: No, not on christmas. I think they pretty much have to follow their protocol on that one. Well, actually i did not receive extra time but when they called the code because of the young man that hung himself, all the doors locked and the people in the attorney booths with their loved ones had a longer than usual visit,but i did not have a longer visit myself it was the standard 20 minutes that they allow for everyone.

JM: What was the parking situation like?
Trish: The parking is never a good thing. The week before Christmas I had no idea that it was going to be over crowded to the extreme that it was, and I missed the visit all together because I could not find parking. So, on Christmas, it was just as bad, and I had someone drop me off and then later in the night, they picked me up too.

JM: What advice would you offer to somebody who is going to visit an inmate in this jail?
Trish: Make sure that you allow plenty of time to find parking. Make sure that you allow plenty of time for the waiting that you will have to do, take a book, or some pen and paper to write to them while you are waiting there. Also, I see how very hard it is for the children, i would just take them once in a while. i take my grandson from time to time but I would not want him waiting for 5 and 6 hours, it is very hard on the babies. Please reconsider, just take them now and then.

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