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Closing Advice

Interview with John, Raquel, Colby, Nikki, Lea, Hoyllwood, Woody, Pat, Jeremy, Lekisha, Gary, Ricky and Warren

JM: What else would you want a friend or family member to know if they have a loved one going to this jail?
John: Visit them, write them, and send them money for commissary privileges and tell them not to change sexual preference.
Raquel: Just relax, try to make a few friends. Time goes by faster than you think.
Colby: If you are going to jail, be prepared. The booking process is long and can take 24 hours, b4 you get a cell with other inmates usually 3 in a room, try to stay calm and quite as the classification officer will come to visit you and put you in the most comfortable enviorment for you and other inmates will get along with you. Be sure to bring a pocket comb, money and glasses. the money will be credited to your jail account and can be used to purchase additional items.
Nikki: If you do not get a phone call, ask. Try not to talk to much, or compare your case with others, everybody is different.
Lea: put money in there comissary account. all i wanted was shampoo which is 2 dollars and lasts a long time and ramen was 60 cents which was way better then eating nasty non edible food..
Hoyllwood: Don't trust the police, you will starve for your stay. You won't get toilet paper. You won't get your medication even if you're in dyer need. And don't let the police push you around. I left jail with bruises all over my body. I let them push me around.
Woody: write alot and send money for food or care packages
Pat: All you can do is pray, you have not an once of an idea of what they are going through cause the immature guards are quick to abuse you in there. Just pray and know the every second they are thinking of you.
Jeremy: Well, it depends. Is this their loved one's first time in jail? If it is, I could write ten pages worth of real-world learned advice on how to survive in this particular jail in San Antonio or any other jail for that matter. But the main point or idea I would emphasize to any newcomer in jail is this....Respect, always show respect to everyone without appearing scared or worried. After that everything should fall into place and you should have the least number of problems while you're in there by just showing respect to everyone, even to people you don't particularly like. Because respect in jail pays off in the long run.
Lekisha: The most the most important thing is just be there for the person locked up thats the main thing we lack in custody vfeeling loved and support from family alot of us look forward to visits
Gary: , does be there for your family this is when they mostly need to show them some support try and be there in visiting days because if they are expecting a visit it would really bother them to not receive one being in there is very stressful you are all they got
Ricky: to be supportive. if they can afford to feed them through commisary do it. if they want to talk set up a phone account. they can send boojs through amazon so there loved one can pass there time.
Warren: Do not disrespect the guards they will use there authority with out hesitation. Make sure to wash hands always do not let others see your true emotions especially when there sad ones

JM: If somebody knows they will be serving time in this jail what is your advice to them?
John: Keep your mouth shut and sleep with your butt against the wall.
Raquel: For christ sake don't cry!
Nikki: be patient, and like I said before, mind your own business, be respectful to others and the guards and remember that each new day brings you one day closed to going home.
Lea: stay out of trouble and dont go to jail.
Hoyllwood: I recommend that you wear warm clothing or have at least a long sleeve shirt in your car or something. You never know when I cop will come get you. Weather you're breaking the law or not, they will find a way to get you for something so they don't look like idiots making a big deal over nothing. Best thing to do is pack warm clothes before your car or something. Ladies, keep one in your purse if its large enough. You will need it in jail. Its freezing.
Woody: yes dont get it trouble and have to go there
Pat: Prepare as best you can mentally, cause you'll never be the same once your out. It's a place that will scare your emotions indefenantly
Jeremy: The same, show respect to everyone, but in this particular jail in San Antonio, try not to disrespect anyone in any way, form, shape or manner especially the Mexican-Americans or Mexican inmates found in this jail for they are the majority in that jail and making a mistake like that towards them will incur some very unpleasant consequences.
Lekisha: Just keep your head up leave your pride at the door and keep to yourself just remember it's not the end of the end of the world and your not alone
Gary: Just remember to humble yourself nobody is in charge there except for that the guard you want to have control of anything not even if you're up the only thing you have control of your own actions
Ricky: to get ahold of family and put money on your books, because the food is bad and not nearly enough. stick to yourself and stay out of trouble. respect the guards.
Warren: If you plan on having anything get money on your books phone calls and food you will get hungry as dinner is at 3 pm breakfast is at 4am it is necessary

JM: Please list any other jail or rehab facilities you have been to.
Pat: Oklahoma city San Patricio Dallas county
Jeremy: I've been in many other jails and detention facilities in Texas and arizona. In Texas I've been in jails in Guadalupe county, Wilson County, New Braunfels, Robstown, Falfurrias, and Laredo, Tx. In arizona I've been in Tucson facilities, and in Federal prison there.
Lekisha: I have been in orange county jail california and musick facility orange county california. Rehabs been to volunteers of america in san antonio and in abilene texas. O was in serenity house in abilene
Gary: I have never been incarcerated anywhere else except for the very kind of jail
Ricky: M.I.O.F Dominguez state jail
Warren: Maricopa county, Tampa Florida Seattle Washington

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