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Interview with John, Raquel, Colby, Nikki, Lea, Hoyllwood, Woody, Pat, Jeremy, Lekisha, Gary, Ricky and Warren

JM: Did you always have access to necessary medications?
John: Yes. They provided an asthma inhaler for my asthma.
Raquel: I didn't take "crazy" pills. Don't take them. Some people say you may need them to sleep or for anxiety. You don't need them.
Colby: yes depending on your medication regiman, medicines are available, indigent or not.
Nikki: No, never
Lea: yes you can get prescribed anything i was prescribed trazodone and zoloft the first day, the trazodone helped so much to sleep.
Hoyllwood: I also begged for my inhaler because I'm asthmatic but they wouldn't give it to me. I had a total of 3 asthma attacks while in jail and no one did anything about it.
Woody: yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa right
Pat: No
Jeremy: Access yes, but not a quick or precise one necessarily.
Lekisha: I had access to tylenol upon request
Gary: You were able to get me to request time off from the guards other than that of its only for medical would have to come to distribute medicine
Ricky: yes and no. depends on what you take.
Warren: Yes I could go to the nurse who had them

JM: How did you get your medications?
John: They just gave me the inhaler to keep on me.
Colby: delivered on a cart operated by a certified pharmacy tech and/or jail nurse.
Lea: you go through an examination
Hoyllwood: I didn't...
Woody: off a cart that you have to wait 3 weeks to see a doctor to get them started
Pat: Had to beg to get my HIV meds and they always had time different, which an educated nurse would know you can't take them at different times, your body will produce immunity, but they don't care there.
Jeremy: Well, first, you had to have been diagnosed with some kind of illness before you got into jail, or have been diagnosed by the jail's doctor of whatever was bothering you at the time you made your sick call request. To receive your daily medication, you must wait for the "pill lady", a nurse that comes around and passes out medication throughout the jail.
Lekisha: The medical staff usually would come out to the pads twice a day to dulistribute medicine to everyone itvwas usually at 6am and midnight
Gary: The nurses to come twice a day or 3 times a day depending on what medicine you are on they would come up in the morning early morning before six o'clock and then they would come about midnight
Ricky: I didnt take medicine. but a cart comes by 2 times a day. if you miss it your out of luck
Warren: We walked to the clinic to to get our medications we showed our badge they watched us swallow the medications then we walk back to block

JM: What types of punishments were incurred for abuse of drugs? Did you ever witness this?
John: I never saw any so I don't know.
Colby: additional charges and loosing privilges including lock down
Nikki: I don't know. Probably lock down, and maybe another charge.
Lea: you can not have an abuse the nurse hands you your one or two pills and she and the guard watch you take them and check your mouth after.
Hoyllwood: I dunno... I didn't have the chance to abuse mine to find out. hahaha
Woody: hmmmm lock down, lock down,lock down, who abuses drugs in jail?
Pat: No
Jeremy: I never knew of or witnessed incidents involving drug abuse in jail. I know it exists, I just never took part of that while I was in there. That was something more for "connected" inmates which I wasn't a part of.
Lekisha: I never witnessed any of. This activity but did hear from other vinmates that drugs were one of the lead tolerated and could also add time to yr sentence
Gary: You can go get put on lockdown you can lose your good time No I never did witness any drug abuse inside the jail
Ricky: people sell there medication all the time. you can get a charge added on if caught. theres also street drugs inside.
Warren: No I never witnessed that but I do know they will give you a felony charge for that and pry for info from you.

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