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Interview with John, Raquel, Colby, Nikki, Lea, Hoyllwood, Woody, Pat, Jeremy, Lekisha, Gary, Ricky and Warren

JM: How many meals did you get per day?
John: 3 meals.
Raquel: 3 but you only get breakfast if your willing to wake up at 5:30
Colby: 3 meals are provided a day, and if you do extra work in the jail you are allowed to have an extra tray or you can use the weekly commisary to purchase additional food items at your expense that will be deducted from your account.
Nikki: 3 meals per day
Lea: 3
Hoyllwood: I got no meals... I begged for food on a few occasions but the police just laughed at me and turned around. They'd eat right in front of you and smile at you. I never once saw prisoner get fed.
Woody: meals? is that what that was when they said TRAYS TRAYS
Pat: All three seemed like one meal. They treat you like an animal being punished
Jeremy: We received the standard 3 meals.
Lekisha: We would get three meals a day
Gary: You get three meals a day breakfast lunch and dinner
Ricky: you get 3. one between 2 and 4 am anothet at noon and the last at 4 or 5 pm.
Warren: Three small meals per day

JM: How would you rate the food? Please give details of why.
John: Horrible.
Raquel: out of 10 a 1 when you first get there, after a while it grows on you and yyou learn to mix all the stuff together, then it's a 2
Colby: on a scale from 1 to 10... Quality: 5 if you like your vegetables Quantity: 1 food is enough for an 10 year old child
Nikki: on a scale of 1-10....I give it a 3, pretty bad and the servings are very small, not enough! I was always hungry! I don't think they were in compliance with the 4 food groups or recommended daily requirred intake of calories!
Lea: 1, food was never cooked right either very undercooked or fried to hard to eat. the meat looked like it was a disease waiting to happen and bread was like dough. the food was made by other inmates so no telling what the hell they did to it. worst food ever could not drive myself to eat it
Hoyllwood: I guess 0 because I never got to taste the food.
Woody: i wouldent even rate it i just wanna know what Bexar county did with the 3 million dollars they got from the stste to improve the food
Pat: Most of the time you don't know what it is, you eat it cause if not you'll starve to death.
Jeremy: The food was passable enough to just provide you with your daily substinance. It wasn't enough to keep a man wholeheartedly full or even very nutrional. They did vary the daily menu though, I'll give them that, so we wouldn't get bored with the same bland food everyday and start a hunger strike.
Lekisha: The food never had any flavor always very bland hard bread the cookies were always put on top of the main course on tray so they were always soggy the vegetables were ethier under or over cooked the hot bologna was disgusting and the drink was just colored ware mostly
Gary: The food was horrible Was never enough Most of the time with code It was either too watery watery The vegetables were always there under cooked or overcooked Bread was always hard The drink looks like it was just colored water Sorry for just too small to get for the offer
Ricky: the food is horrible. its not enough to survive on no matter what they say. its usually just some sort of slop with a roll. they give you water down juice. you really have rely on commissary to get you through your stay. the diet trays are even worse. on the weekends you only get 2 bologna sandwiches.
Warren: The food is defiantly sucky waters down coffee waters down coolaid portions so small I lost weight breakfast at 4am lunch was at 10 am and dinner was at 3 am I never got any sweet food from meals I had to get commissary for some kind of sweets I craved it.

JM: Did you have any favorite/least favorite meals?
John: Favorite was breakfast and it was pancakes. Least favorite was dinner and no one knew what it was meat patties of some type.
Raquel: No, they all tasted the same... :(
Colby: beans and erasers with vita pro.
Nikki: the baked chicken was good. I did not like the gravy that came with the biscuits and gravy, YUK! I never tasted anything like it, not normal!
Lea: hated all of them
Woody: weekend breakfast was probably the best because we got pancakes and they would swell up in ur stomach you needed this to get ready for the biscuit and bologna you got for lunch and dinner
Pat: Seriously? The best part was commissary
Jeremy: Favorite? no. Worst meals? They had a meal we would call "erasers" it was pieces of ham or we thought it was ham, chopped up into small pieces that resemble pencil erasers, mixed in with some kind of lyma bean soup. It looked like somebody threw up on the tray. They also had the famous "mystery meat" tray a.k.a. the "brake pad" because that piece of meat was dark and hard like a brake pad.
Lekisha: The bologna then the johnnysacks hated those. The breakfast I hated it was always nasty never once did I receive a decent breakfast
Gary: No I did not have a favorite food I did not like any of the food if they were like they were very high in starch
Ricky: they were all my least favorite. breakfast was the only one thats worth anything. grits cornbread and potatoes, with tea
Warren: Booking food was the worst best meals are at lunch hot dog worst meal is breakfast all of it was nasty

JM: Were there any other snacks offered outside of meals? What was commissary like and how expensive was it?
John: Full commissary privileges as a trustee.
Raquel: Sure, buy commissary.
Colby: fruits and oatmeal cookies
Nikki: NO!!! not unless you paid for them out of your inmate account and ordered from the commisary
Lea: without comissary you will die.
Woody: sure if you dug thru the garbage
Jeremy: No, absolutely no snacks. Commissary prices compared to free-world prices was highway robbery. Especially the sodas, candies and snacks. They were a little bit merciful on basic things like Ramen soups and potato chips but on all other foods, snacks and treats, they jacked up the prices 3 times compared to your local convenience store. Whoever won that commissary contract with the county was or is making a killing.
Lekisha: Therevwas commissaryy but unfortuneltly I never had that opportunity I never had money so would be hungry most ofvthe time commisary is very expensive just to gate eveything you need when u barely arrive it looking at t least 100
Gary: Yes there is commissary you can order if you have money on your books it is very expensive your first order of of commissary be expecting to spend at least $100 to be able to get everything that you need
Ricky: commissary is necessary. its extremely expensive though. a ramen noodle soup is $1. peanut buttet is $6. coffee is $7. you can get alot of sweets for a good price. your family can order you care packs off the Internet.
Warren: They provided basic meals I got commissary and it was so cans lets say you go to Heb buy to promenade pkt 0.69 in commissary top ramen pkt was a charge of 02.25. Yes very expensive

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