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Jail Layout

Interview with John, Raquel, Colby, Nikki, Lea, Hoyllwood, Woody, Jeremy, Lekisha, Gary, Ricky, Warren and Pat

JM: How many different blocks were there?
John: They don't call them blocks. They call them pods. There were 12 where I was.
Raquel: I don't remeber. There was A, B, C, D letterings...
Colby: There are 3 towers on each floor except basement. Each tower were named A, B and C tower.
Nikki: I am not sure
Lea: many, serious offenders minor offenders pregnant people crazy people.
Hoyllwood: I dunno. They were all labeled in abc order, same for the men's side of the building. It didn't really matter how many there were, they weren't all being used. most of them were empty actually while all of the prisoners were contained in a few of the cells. It was way over crowded. I began wondering at the point when I saw this if police were able to count.
Woody: letss see in the annex a b c d e
Jeremy: The main jail is 7 stories high, each floor has four wings and each wing has 4 tanks in it.
Lekisha: I'm new to the texas system in not to sure but wat I do remember is going to 3 different facilities just to get housed
Gary: It's about 7 floors with various units on each floor
Ricky: the main jail has about 40 units. the annex is dormitory style with about 20 male units.
Warren: I saw six blocks per floor x7 the 8 the floor I hear is different an I was not in the Anex no idea how many blocks are there

JM: Did they have names? If so, what were they?
John: A,B,C,D, etc.
Nikki: A, B, C, and D
Hoyllwood: Just Cell A, Cell B, Cell C, Cell D, ect.
Woody: see above answer
Jeremy: The tanks were called units and based on the floor and wing they were in they got names with letters like CF-right or CF left, AD right or AD left, but they would say "Alpha Delta right" or "Alpha Delta left" and so on.
Lekisha: All the different units or towers as the wood call I was in E which stood for echo
Gary: No they did not have names they were lettered example CI CJ
Ricky: they are alphabetical. they start out at AA AB AC AD BA BB BC BD CA CB CC CD and so on.
Warren: They all went by initials I was In e block

JM: Which types of inmates were housed in the different blocks?
John: Trustees and the general population.
Raquel: Medical, Normal, Solitary, that's all I can think of
Nikki: an officer from classification comes to interview you and they decide where to put you, depending on how you answer their questions, like if you are a gang member, bi-sexual, graduate, etc.
Hoyllwood: no one was put into any particular block. We were all thrown in with each other no matter what we were in for. Like I said, I was in with a woman that tried to kill her boyfriend. I was in on a false charge of theft 50-500.
Woody: annex is supposed to be low risk except for d tower which really isnt a tower its just a building
Jeremy: Certain floors and certain tanks had different types of inmates. Sex offenders had their own area as well as members of certain prison gangs. Homosexuals were housed separately from general population as were the mentally ill. Also all the illegals had their own area too.
Lekisha: They are housed based in there personal issues such as if they are coming off drugs they ould go to detox if disabled medical also based off there charger there were some people in red jumpsuits there were somevin protective custody
Gary: It depended on what your charges are you could be protective custody detox Work release Twistys And lock down maybe depends on your card is in your condition tell me what you got
Ricky: you have your general population units. and then you have your segregation units for the different gangs. you have lock down units. mental health units, infirmaries. capital crimes unit. womens units
Warren: All the floors / blocks were all differ classifications determined by crime levels. I was housed with lesser crime level but criminals are criminals and most people would not continue with crimes if they always get caught . The stories I herd I was housed with the worst criminals even on a low level

JM: What do you remember being the nicest and worst parts about the different blocks?
John: Trustees got extra food and went to work and just hung out. In the general population, people got raped and beaten.
Raquel: Nothing is nice about jail.
Colby: Initial intake is a bummer (General Population) after you have been assigned your regular housing unit, it gets better
Nikki: I once was in A block and witnessed a horrible fight where a girl beat up another girl in the bunk next to mine and bloodied her pretty bad and the special task force came in to separate them and took both of them out. Neither one returned. I found out that A block is for high risk.
Hoyllwood: There was nothing nice about the blocks. It seemed like every they put me in a new block, it got smaller and smaller. The worst thing would have to be the cold. I went home sick after leaving because it was so cold.
Woody: nothing nice, worst was being there a has no rec yards
Pat: It was all unsanitary, especially processing. I don't see how those people can work daily in that filth.
Jeremy: There really wasn't much that was nice or nicer from one area of tanks of units to another, they were all the same. The only thing that comes to mind right now is that the units on the lower floors like the 1st, 2nd and 3rd, well they got to eat first when they started passing out the carts of food trays throughout the whole jail, because the kitchen is in the basement.
Lekisha: The unit that I was in was ok it was on the s in like a trailer connected to the annex it was not to bad we were not connected with the other towers for females but just from walking by them there was alot of noise and over crowded
Gary: The nicest thing was I really don't believe there's anything nice about this place, the worst thing is everything just being in the jail system in general surrounded by Mark multiple personalities and having to adapt to them to avoid conflict the worst really wrote worst part was the detox all the people coming up drugs that are sick
Ricky: the nicest part would have to be the trusttee units. the guards were nicer because you were working. you weren't just sitting around aggravating them. the worst was lock down units. you only get 1 hour out. the rest of the time you were in a cell by your self.
Warren: The top floor I heard was for people with money. I hated the block I was housed because the toilets were moldy green the other floors were very corroded but they did however smell clean the smell of bleach and windex is what I remember and I think I was the best part of my stay

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