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Interview with DC, Keith, Joe, Heidi, Dillon, Kami, Linda, Gregg, Matthew, Damon, David, Shelley, Justin, Steve, Jack, Rachel, Conrad, John and Ted

JM: What else would you want a friend or family member to know if they have a loved one going to this jail?
DC: Alot of people in jail get bored and love to receive letters, even if their just short notes. Be supportive, but don't spoil someone. The purpose of jail is for someone to pay their debt to society. It's not supposed to be the Hilton Hotel. Limit the commissary to the basics (deodorant, razors, soap, etc) and just a few "luxuries" (snacks, chips, soups, etc.)
Keith: Your tax dollars are being wasted. The Tarrant County Jail system is CORRUPT and abuse their own TAXPAYERS who go to jail. The Judges, DA's and court appointed attorneys are coworkers and get their paychecks from the same place. Unless an inmate takes their first plea bargain they will be there for a long time. Lots of set offs. Family's should hire an attorney who is not on the court appointed list. Ask the attorney because the Tarrant County office of Attorney Appointments won't give out this information (although it's public info). When the court appointed attorneys won't do nothing FILE A STATE BAR GRIEVANCE on them. REMEMBER court appointed attorneys work for and get paid from "TARRANT COUNTY". If they don't do what the Judge and The DA's want they get removed (fired) from the TARRANT COUNTY list of ATTORNEY APPOINTMENTS. And be sure to keep money on the inmates books because the food sucks.
Joe: get ready to be miserable!!
Heidi: just remember it is only temporary- take the time to reflect and remember this to shall pass
Dillon: Make sure you know ahead of time how to call for a ride once you get out, There are free phones and a climate controlled waiting area for this but you are not told about it.
Kami: try and stay out if u end up there just try and make the best of it your time is as hard as you make it
Linda: Its hard in there. Send money put money on the phone come see them and dont put it in there face that they messed up. THEY KNOW. Encourage them not to do it again and show them they love them.
Gregg: I would want them to know to keep quiet, and to keep to yourself if you can. If spoken to by a guard even if they are rude, be respectful or they will hurt you.
Matthew: stay out of trouble and keep your head down. if possible try to avoid the actions that lead to the consequence of doing jail time in any county, not just tarrant.
Damon: I would say for them to come up to visit on visitation. To correspond through mail. You can also go to Barnes Noble and pick them up a few books and have them mail it to Them.To send money so that you can spend it on commissary And by hygiene products that they don't give you like underarm deodorant,toothpaste. Also it helps to buy snacks because sometimes the food is so horrible you can eat it
David: Just keep your mouth shut. Mind your own biasness and do what is need to be done. Keep money in there account so they can eat good food. It would really make them happy.
Shelley: Cold Springs is easy. If you can get funds in your account it makes the day better (knowing you have snacks and good grub). Just follow the rules and listen to the guards. It's not hard.
Justin: The best time to watch the news to catch up on local events is early in the morning when most everyone else is asleep, around 3:30-4:30 a.m. If you have medical issues, getting to see a doctor is a laborious task.
Steve: Write plenty of letters if possible and make contributions to there commissary because it makes the difference between hard time and easy time. Visits are always appreciated and welcomed. Pray.
Jack: Make jail your last resort because jail is horrible. Have people come and visit you as much as possible because it is extremely depressing in jail. Don't break the law and pay your tickets.
Rachel: They are severely mistreated and undertreated medically. They are not fed. Appropriatr portions and the guards are hateful onc at the new jail i was refused pads and once they wouldnt let me go to the restroom becase she thought i urinated too often
Conrad: Please call and check on your loved one as often add possible because the guards feel like they can talk to the inmates any kind of way when they feel no one cars about them
John: If they are housed downtown and you want to visit, be prepared to wait. At Cold Springs, the wait time is very little as with Green Bay. But for the most part, everyone is serving out their sentence and not looking to make any waves.
Ted: The facility is better than some but some of the guards throw their weight around and go over board on things like cleaning or rack people up for bo reason.

JM: If somebody knows they will be serving time in this jail what is your advice to them?
DC: Do your time. Don't focus on what's going on around you. Stay away from fights. Go to the law library -- read up on the law. Read books. Write Poetry. Anything to keep your mind focused on going home and not being tough. Use your time to figure out how you're going to rehabilitate yourself once you're released. If you're a first time offender like I was, you're going to realize that there's going to be some doors closed to you once you get released. You're going to have a harder time finder jobs, apartments, and things like that. Prepare yourself. Have a positive attitude once you get out as well.
Keith: Tell the Judges, DA's and court appointed attorneys to "PUT THE WHEELS ON IT". Another words take it to trial. Back the system up. The DA's don't like trials. They try to leave you in jail for a year or two until they can get you to take time served and contribute to Tim Curry's 90% conviction rate.
Joe: cya hate to beya! btdt!
Heidi: hang in there
Dillon: DOnt break the law, My experience because of my medical condition was pure hell.
Gregg: my advice to them is to keep quiet and just do the time you have to serve and man up because it is not easy to deal with the inmates or guards.
Matthew: i would advise them to keep their head down and stay out of any conflicts. Read so that you can keep your headspace clear of the ongoings around you while there.
Damon: I would bring in a lot of money to have for commissary. By year round subscriptions to magazines like men's health,stuff , And The Star Telegram newspaper. Also you can use your money to order books as well
David: Keep your mouth shut and mind your own biasness. Make sure you have someone to keep money in your account its really the difference between eating halfway good food an cold food.
Shelley: Know exactly when you are to be released!!! I had to ask for the guard to confirm my release time because they had put us in the yard 20 minutes before I was to leave. I should have been going through the booking out process at that time!M Don't be afraid to ask questions, just do it respectfully.
Justin: My advice would be to not discuss your case with an other offenders, do not talk about your case with those who you cal, on the cell block telephone, and be careful what you say during visits. All these communications are monitored by jail, the recordings are accessible by the District Attorney's Office, who will use them against you.
Steve: Make trustee if possible. You want to keep yourself occupied as much as you can that way you have a good chance of staying out of trouble. Read as much as you can.
Jack: If you have no choice and have to go here just bite your tongue and do what the guards tell you to do because they don't care about you being a human. The longer they can get you to be there the more money they make and that's what it all comes down to.
Rachel: Dont go to jail. Make sure madications that are prescribed go with you it speed up the process. Take money for hygeine and stick to yourself those women in there are in there for a reason dont trust what anyone says they all think theyre lawyers and do what the guards tell you
Conrad: please start to yourself. No one really messes with you unless you bother someone else. It's a huge facility but everyone basically stays to their self so just be chill
John: Wear 2 white t shirts and to pair of underwear to court. And a comfy pair of socks. Make friends with those around you and if you make store, offer to share with those around you and the favor will be returned to you.
Ted: Take any pre2scribed medication. With you because it takes to long to see a dr most of the time. The food sucks and keep to youraelf negativity will be around and is contagious

JM: Please list any other jail or rehab facilities you have been to.
Gregg: none
Matthew: southlake tx
Damon: Ferguson prison. clemons prison.
David: None
Justin: Texas Department of Criminal Justice -Correctional Institutions Division: McConnell Unit, Huntsville (Walls) Unit, Hilltop Unit, Middleton Unit. Illinois Department of Corrections": Shawnee Correctional Center, Robinson Unit.
Steve: Mansfield city jail. Belknap.
Jack: Arlington city jail
Rachel: Dawson state jail and plane state
Conrad: Orleans parish prison
John: Orleans Parrish Police Department, Hays County Justice Center, Denton County Jail, North Richland Hills Police Station.
Ted: Houston jail

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