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Good Behavior

Interview with DC, Keith, Joe, Heidi, Dillon, Kami, Linda, Gregg, Matthew, Damon, David, Shelley, Justin, Steve, Jack, Rachel, Conrad, John and Ted

JM: Did you get off early based on good behavior?
DC: Well, somewhat. I was a trustee, which meant my time was cut in half. I never got into any trouble. I served food trays and painted the cells as a trustee. I hurt my knee pretty bad and couldn't do it anymore, but since I was still a trustee, I still got out in 5 months instead of 10.
Keith: They give everyone two days credit for every day served to everyone who has "county time". If you become a trustee you can get three days credit for every day served.
Joe: no
Heidi: no
Dillon: Yes for a traffic ticket that I forget I recieved in 1999. Aren't there time limites on these things.
Kami: no
Linda: No I got probation but they do give you 2 for one good time if you are leaving from there . if your going to prison then its day for day if you manage to get trustee then you get 3 for 1
Gregg: No i did not get off early for good behavior.
Matthew: i dont know if i got off early based on good behavior. i did not get any more time because of bad behavior.
Damon: I did not get out early because my sentence was day 4 day
David: No I didn't get off early based on good behavior
Shelley: No.
Justin: This does not apply to me, since I was never convicted of any offense.
Steve: I was credited 3 days for every day I served because I was a trustee. Tarrant county offers 2 days for every 1 day served in jail as a reward for good behavior. So yes, I did.
Jack: Yes, if you want to call working us like slaves good behavior.
Rachel: No I was not eligible for any time reduction becauer i was a revocation both times and sanctions the rest
Conrad: no I was actually retained sue to an incident that happens on the tier
John: Not really. In Tarrant County you get 2 for 1 as long as you aren't causing trouble. My sentence was 200 days, and I stayed for 100.
Ted: No the charges were dropped after i gave handwriting sample

JM: What is the most time off you can receive for good behavior?
DC: I believe half-time.
Keith: They give everyone two days credit for every day served to everyone who has "county time". If you become a trustee you can get three days credit for every day served. You can loose your extra credit days if you get into trouble.
Joe: in jail you can get 3 for 1 if you work and your doing co. time.
Heidi: n/a
Dillon: Two for 1 as a trusty.
Linda: 3 for1
Gregg: I am not sure what is the most time you can get off.
Matthew: I dont know the most amount of time allotted for good behavior.
Damon: I cannot receive any good time because of my state jail felony. If I did not have the state jail felony then I would have gotten three days for one
David: The most I would of received for good behavior would be 15 days.
Shelley: -0-
Justin: The State of Texas says that counties can give as much as 3 days credit for every 1 day served in the county jail.
Steve: It depends on your conviction. It also depends on if you attended particular classes.
Jack: You can get outside trustee status and if you can get that you get 3 for 1.
Rachel: Did not apply to me
Conrad: 2days credit for one day which is basically half your sentence
John: If you become a trustee you can get 3 days for 1, I think, so you can cut your time by 66%.
Ted: Did not apply to me

JM: What types of actions do you need to avoid in order to get time off? Did you ever witness somebody losing time off for good behavior?
DC: No fighting. No backtalking the officers.
Keith: All trouble. They will take your if you so much as speak loud.
Joe: stay out of trouble.
Heidi: n/a
Dillon: Generally keep your mouth shut your cell clean and kiss ass the guards.
Linda: Fights and Trouble dont get on the guards bad side because they control your sentance they report you then you get more time
Gregg: I would think you would have to stay out of trouble, stay out of fights and when spoken to by the guards be very respectful, yes i have seen people get time off for good behavior.
Matthew: You need to avoid fights with inmates, conflict with guards and bad behavior. I never witness somebody losing any time off for any types of behavior.
Damon: I did not have to worry about any actions because I was day for day. I did see people lose their good time because they either got into a fight I ,got into it with the officer or was stealing products out of the kitchen.
David: You had to not get into any fights or cause any problems. No back talk. I saw several people loose time for fighting and they have to serve full time.
Justin: To be assured the maximum good-time credit, an offender must remain inside the fence and abide by the rules established by the Tarrant County Sheriff's Department. To remain obedient is important; more importantly even is the need for the attorney for defendant to remain committed to his or her client.
Steve: You don't want to be noisy or confrontational if you hope to be released early. If you are respectful to other inmates and there property as well as staff you should be ok. I've seen guys lose their trustee status for insubordination in the kitchen.
Jack: It's either do what the guards want you to do or get rolled. You don't get a choice. Well your only choice is complie or do day for day. Yes, the guards would make it their goal to at least roll one inmate a day.
Rachel: Not in county but in tdcj this happens. In county i think they just lost commissary priveledges.or premium which is the cokes and ice cream
Conrad: well you can register to be a trustee which is basically an inmate worker and it depends on your charges. They get 2 days counted for each one. Yes I did
John: If you get in a fight or commit a major infraction in the inmate handbook you can lose your good time. So, basically if you mind your P's and Q's and keep your hands off of people you'll be alright. I didn't witness it, but I did see a trustee get taken off of good time, but they didn't repeal the good time he had already accumulated.
Ted: No, i never witnessed a time reduction lost. They would take priveldges first such as premium and commissary. They would rack people up in their cella

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