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Interview with DC, Keith, Joe, Heidi, Dillon, Kami, Linda, Gregg, Matthew, Damon, David, Shelley, Justin, Steve, Jack, Rachel, Conrad, John and Ted

JM: Did you always have access to necessary medications?
DC: Yes. Tylenol - well the off-brand kind, was readily available. If you needed prescription meds, the nurses came in everyday to give them to you.
Keith: Hell NO. People die in this jail from lack of medical attention. They won't give you what they don't want you to have. Usually the best for pain is naproxyn or 800 mg Ibuprofen.
Joe: rarely.
Heidi: yes
Dillon: NO! I have been on the same perscriptions for 3 years from a board certified doctor and their resident doctors with no experience cut me off of them all and had me in withdrawls.
Kami: yes
Linda: Only if they were prescribed
Gregg: No i did not have access to my necessary medications
Matthew: i was not on any specific medication so i did not deal with the guards regarding my medication.
Damon: I had access to the medications that I needed For my acid reflex.
David: Yes but I didn't need them
Shelley: Yes.
Justin: No. Medications were brought to the cell block by nurses and/or nurse assistants three times a day. No over-the-counter medications were provided without seeing a doctor first. Thus, if you got a headache, it was necessary to put in to see a doctor,. who wouldn't actually be seen for another several days or week or more.
Steve: Yes, I always had access to necessary meds.
Jack: The meds were supposed to be given out 2 hours before breakfast and dinner but they were never on schedule.
Rachel: No. They gave me my mood stabilzers and meds to make me sleep but i have bad teeth and they gave me a hard time about ibuprofen. At belknap a nurse got mad at an inmate and walked out without giving the rest of us our meds. We asked for them but she refused to come back
Conrad: no I once went 2 weeks without them
John: Yeah, if you had a valid Rx, they'd take care of you, and if you got sick you'd get meds from the nurse's cart.
Ted: No they made you see a dr or dentist for any meds

JM: How did you get your medications?
DC: The nurses brought them in. If you just needed tylenol you could get that from the officer. 2 pills per shift.
Keith: The nurses come around with a cart. They won't call you or wake you up. You have to be up when they come by.
Joe: fill out request.
Heidi: a nurse would bring them 3 times a day, or we woyld go to medical
Dillon: the nurse came by twice a day. If u didnt hear her come in u didnt get ur meds.
Linda: They come 3 times a day one in the morning once at afternoon and one in the middle of the night
Gregg: I had to beg through the intercom for them to bring my medicine if they brought it to me at all
Matthew: i did not take any medications so there weren't any medications for me to receive. I saw people leave to receive their medications.
Damon: In Tarrant County Jail the medication was brought to me. In Hutchins state jail you had to go outside to the pill window and stand in line. Most of the time you had to wait about an hour.
David: The nurse im assuming like I said I never needed any meds. But I would see the nurses getting inmates
Shelley: Yes.
Justin: Medications were distributed by nurses and/or their assistants. They would bring carts up to the cell block, each containing the medical files of the offenders to be given medications, as well as the medications to be handed out. The distribution was monitored by the cell block officer and the nurse or nurse's assistant, both of whom mad sure the offender swallowed their meds.
Steve: I didn't receive any medication during incarceration but there are 2 or 3 pill calls a day where inmates can take their prescribed medications under supervision of the nurse.
Jack: The nurse would come by with a guard who would open the door and yell out med call. If you took meds you would go line up.
Rachel: The nurses would bring to our cells and watch us take them or in the new jail came to the pods and we stood in line. At her cart. Severak times the nurse would mix my. Meds up with another inmates and i would have to bring it to her attention
Conrad: the nurse came on the tier and handed them out to each inmate at a specified time which usually digferes
John: They'd do med calls 2 times a day, and come by with a cart and call you to line up with a glass of water so they could make sure you took them right there.
Ted: A nurse rolled a cart in the pod and we stood in line for them. They came 3 times daily

JM: What types of punishments were incurred for abuse of drugs? Did you ever witness this?
DC: They threw them away, I believe and you could catch a new case.
Keith: If you get caught with drugs they will give you a new criminal charge. They crush most medications so people can't give them away.
Heidi: you would receive your meds crushed, and sometimes segregation
Dillon: Unknowm
Linda: Lockdown in your rm adding another charge
Gregg: I have witnessed people who brought drugs in the jail and they would catch another charge for the drugs they brought and more time in jail.
Matthew: I am not sure of the type of punishment given for drug use nor did i witness drug use or punishment for drug use.
Damon: I don't know about Tarrant County because I never seen it. In Hutchins state jail they would take you to solitary confinement and lock you up.The guards would lock down the entire pod and search every single person and locker and possessions in the whole pod.
David: Any types of drugs that were abused they would have to spend time in the hole. I saw it a few times.
Shelley: Did not witness abuse.
Justin: Those who tried to hoard medications were written disciplinary violations and subject to the jails' disciplinary proceedings. The sanctions could include loss of privileges and placement in a solitary confinement cell for up to 15 days at a time.
Steve: I never witnessed any drug abuse while incarcerated. I imagine an inmate would lose good time and maybe be brought up on drug charges or put in solitude.
Jack: If you managed to get the drugs in and got caught with them if you were trustee you would lose trustee status and catch another case. No I never witness this.
Rachel: I was never a witness to punishment but rumor was you would catch a free world charge if you were caught. There was a woman at belknap i saw bring heroin in her bra but nobody caught her
Conrad: Well you were sent to the maximum facility which us vey horrible and the living conditions overhere are horrendous ban
John: I never saw any of this, but I imagine it was time in administrative segregation, or a loss of certain comforts, like commissary, recreation time, or use of the phone or visitation.
Ted: I never witnesssed this so I do not know what the punishment would have been. I dont think it would be from the med nurse but brought from guards because the med nurse crushed narcotics before taking

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