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Interview with DC, Keith, Joe, Heidi, Dillon, Linda, Gregg, Matthew, Damon, David, Shelley, Justin, Steve, Jack, Rachel, Conrad, John, Ted and Kami

JM: What clothes could you have brought in to wear in the jail (underwear, socks, etc.)?
DC: Tan top and pants, brown flip-flop type shower shoes, and a white t-shirt underneath your top.
Keith: Green Jumpsuits for men. Tan pants and shirts for women. White and black stripes for inside trustees. Orange jumpsuits for outside trustees.
Joe: green monkey suits!!!
Heidi: brown (tan) top and pants a poly- cotton blend
Dillon: uniform green
Linda: you wear the same thing every day brown nurse scrubs and you get new clothes once a wk
Gregg: The only clothes of your own you could wear was your own socks and your own underwear
Matthew: We could have underwear brought to us but i did not have anything brought as i was only there for a short time.
Damon: In Tarrant County Jail the only socks Underwear and undershirts That you were allowed to bring in was what you brought in when you were arrested. In Hutchins state jail you cannot bring in any clothes But buy them on commissary.
David: nothing everything that we could wear had to be from the jail it was uncomfortable
Shelley: Only what you wore into jail...white bra (no underwire), white t- shirt, white undies, white socks. All HAD to be white.
Justin: The only clothing items allowed to be brought into the jail were the underwear and socks the offender(s) had on at the time of their arrest. Additional socks and/or underwear and white t-shirts could be purchased from the commissary. All other clothing items were issued on a weekly basis by jail officials.
Steve: One white t shirt and a pair of socks of any color as long as you were wearing them when sentenced or arrested. You keep your underwear and you can purchase underwear, socks, and t shirts from commissary.
Jack: After you've been booked you get dressed out and you can only keep on your underwear, socks, and a plain white t shirt.
Rachel: Regular panties no thongs, a bra without underwire, a white tshirt if you had on and socks. If you had panties they thought were extravagant. They took them and gave you brown cotton ones.
Conrad: You can keepnunderaear and socks and even a plain white t shirt if the right guard is on
John: they let you keep the socks and underwear you were arrested in, and if you had a white t shirt you could wear it too. I'd say if you knew you were going to jail, wear a pair of socks, maybe 2 sets of underwear and 2 white t shirts. They check the socks, but not the t shirt or underwear.
Ted: White socks. White under shirt. White under wear or white tee shirt was only allowed

JM: If you had a set uniform, what did it look like? Please be specific about each piece of clothing issued to you.
DC: Same as above
Keith: Green Jumpsuits for men. Tan pants and shirts for women. White and black stripes for inside trustees. Orange jumpsuits for outside trustees.
Joe: green monkey suits!!!
Heidi: yes- brown top and pants
Dillon: green jumpsuit 2 sizes to big.
Kami: tan and ugly
Linda: Brown nurse scrubs
Gregg: the set uniforms here were all dark navy blue, navy blue shirts, navy blue pants an black sandals. And you were lucky if you got a outfit that fits correctly.
Matthew: We were issued a gray / light blue top and pants, both made from 100 % cotton. there were only generic sizes, small - xxxl.
Damon: In Tarrant County I was issued a jumpsuit that had black and white stripes all the way down because I was a trustee. In Hutchins state jail we were issued white shirt, white pants,black shoes
David: The underwear were used and nasty. The socks usually had holes in them and the jump suits were orange with words in the back I don't remember what it said
Shelley: Scrubs. Females were light brown/tan. Males were green.
Justin: The jail uniform consisted of a one-piece coverall, green in color. It was gender-neutral. No underwear or socks were issued, though we were each issued a pair of rubber slides (sandals) for our feet.
Steve: The uniform I wore was hunter green scrubs. A pair of pants and a V-neck top. Uniforms were changed out twice a week as well as towels and bed sheets.
Jack: We wore a one piece orange jumpsuit. All of the uniforms had stains and wholes or rips in them. Most of the them had paint on them.
Rachel: It was tan scrubs and plastic slip on shower slides. Brown panties if they had to provide. Anything else was bought from commissary like sports bras and socks
Conrad: You receive one jumper with "tarrant county inmate" on back.bthe jumper is usually green in color women wear a khaki 2,piece scrub Luke outfit with no bra
John: They'd give you a one piece, green jumper that buttons down the front and a set of tan shower slides, for males, and a set of scrubs with shower slides for the females. Male trustees got a black and white striped uniform, and males taking drug abuse classes got a white and orange striped uniform. The famale uniform was tan for most, and blue for those in the drug classes.
Ted: They were scrubs. They were tan. Red was high risk inmate. Yellow was flight risk and black.and white stripped were workers. They issued only one set weekly

JM: Were there any assigned clothes in high demand that an inmate should look for when getting clothing assigned?
DC: Not really.
Keith: No.
Joe: no
Heidi: some with no holes
Dillon: no
Kami: no
Linda: no
Gregg: No you where what they give you there is no choices.
Matthew: all of the clothes were the same and i did not notice of any high demand clothing.
Damon: There was none in Tarrant County Jail. In Hutchins state jail we were on the lookout for brand new clothes because they did not have any stains on them they were call tight whites.
David: no everything was fine everyone got what was needed but the underwear was nasty
Shelley: No.
Justin: Offenders generally hoped or tried to get newer coveralls. The older ones had been torn and them patched back up, so sometimes one leg would be skinnier than the other,or buttons wouldn't line up.
Steve: Not really. Maybe some inmates wanted the newer shower slides.
Jack: No, you don't get a choice, you get what they give you.
Rachel: Yes we looked for pants with the elastic in them and no holes in the crotch
Conrad: Ask for new suit if avalible the other ones are rarely cleaned. Or SK for a 2piece
John: A lot of guys preferred the newer darker green jumpers, but I liked the older, more faded jumpers because they were more comfortable, and not as thick.
Ted: Pants with no holes and elastic in waist and same with shirt

JM: Was the clothing different between men and women?
DC: Then, no. Mind you, this was almost ten years ago. Things could have changed.
Keith: Men wear Green, Women wear Tan
Joe: yea
Heidi: the color
Dillon: no
Kami: yes they wore green jump suits and gurls had scrub type things
Linda: Green for guys and Brown for girls or tan
Gregg: No women and men both wore the same clothes and shoes
Matthew: the men and women wore the same clothing
Damon: Every clothing was the same.
David: Not sure I never saw any women
Shelley: Females were light brown/tan. Males were green.
Justin: No, the clothing was the same for both.
Steve: Women are not housed at Green Bay.
Jack: Yes, men wore jumpsuits and women wore tops and bottoms.
Rachel: If they were workers or high security
Conrad: men wore green while women wore khaki
John: The men had green, black and white striped, or orange and white striped uniforms, and the women had tan, or blue uniforms.
Ted: Not that i know of

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