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Visitor Policy

Interview with DC, Keith, Joe, Heidi, Dillon, Kami, Linda, Gregg, Matthew, Damon, David, Justin, Steve, Jack, Rachel, Conrad, John and Ted

JM: How often could you receive visitors?
DC: Back then, twice a week. Saturdays and Sundays.
Keith: You can get a 30 minute visit from each of the 5 people on your visiting list once a week. If you have only one person on your list you can get two visits a week. If your visitor lives further than 75 miles from the jail they can visit for 1 hour.
Joe: every day in tarrant co.
Heidi: everyday from 9:00-9;00
Dillon: Unkkown.
Kami: up to five ppl once for each one a week if you only had 1 person then they could come 2 times a week
Linda: Once a wk per visitor on your list
Gregg: Visitors times were twice a week on certain days at certain times set by the jail.
Matthew: I did not receive visitors while i was at tarrant county jail. I was there for only a short time and my wife lived 45m away.
Damon: In Tarrant County you can receive visits 3 times a week. In Hutchins state jail it was twice a week
David: They had visitor hours daily. But my girlfriend only came when she could, which wasn't often
Justin: Visitors were allowed every day of the week, Sunday thru Saturday, from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. We were allowed up to two visits each day.
Steve: You can receive a visit twice a day everyday now. The very first time I visited Green Bay, you could only receive a visit on certain days for certain inmates.
Jack: Each inmate could have two visits a day. Each visit lasted about an hour. 1
Rachel: Each person could visit an inmate 1 time per day. If 4 different people came to visit you were allowed those visits as long as it wasnt the sane person trying to visit more than once a day
Conrad: Everyday. Asbling as they came within the required times specified by the facility. It was always pleasant to see my family
John: You could have 2 visits from friends or family every day for 30 minutes at a time(up to an hour for people from over 75 miles away) between 9am and 9pm. Or from your attorney any time from what I recall.
Ted: Seven days a week from 9 to 9 same visitor no more than once daikz

JM: Was the check-in process lengthy for those who came to see you?
DC: From what they tell me, yes. The wait times were very long; so many people were coming at the same time to see family.
Keith: Not usually. Sometimes on weekends. The guards try to rush your visitors through. Get em IN, get em OUT.
Joe: yea,always crowded.
Heidi: no, just show their id
Dillon: Unknown.
Kami: no
Linda: I dont know
Gregg: Yes the check-in process was very lengthy for those who came to see me, they had to be checked for weapons in all aspects possible.
Matthew: I did not receive visitors so i am not ware of how long the check in process is for visitors visiting inmates. From what I know, it was somewhat lengthy.
Damon: In Tarrant County it was not so lenthy. In Hutchins state jail it was very lenthy because they had to search the car, search the trunk, search the engine compartment for contraband. then a pat down search all the visitors and then ran a metal detector of room
David: The check in process was extremely long. They had to go threw several different processes including random searches and metal dectors in and out of the jail.
Justin: Visitation was crowded and there were longer waits on the weekends and during holidays. Visitors might have to wait as much as an hour or more on these days. At other times, visitors faced little or no wait time.
Steve: The process is lengthy enough but c/o's don't have to check each inmates' qualified visitors list. As long as you don't have a warrant for your arrest and have not been recently released from a Tarrant county correctional facility, you could visit me. They perform a light search and a i.d. check.
Jack: That all depended on if there was a line of other visitors. If there was a long line then it only took about 15 minutes.
Rachel: At the new jail sometimes tgere was a wait. At cild springs i didnt want them to visit because tge visitation was alphabetical and women were certain. days and men were the other days. It was too much to keep up with. At belknap it was lenghty because we had to be shackled and the visits were so short it wasnt worth me asking anyone to come. Plus they brought our night time meds so early i could barely keep my head up during the visits. My kids didnt understand
Conrad: No they usually just showed their I'd and came right up I don't ever recall a time when anyone said they had a problem visiting
John: On the weekends and on weekdays right after 5pm it was a longer wait, but all they did was check their ID and ask who they were there to see.
Ted: It varied because the werkends and nights were the busy times and guards had there own time frames so some got long visitss which made others wait longer

JM: What was the visiting environment like?
DC: Bascially, the visitor sits behind a glass. There's a speaker there for you to talk. There's no way for any type of physical contact - no hugs, handshakes or anything.
Keith: All Jails have glass partition. Although the New Jail is best because you get to use a phone and your own visiting room. Green Bay sucks because you have to hollar through the sides of the window and usually can't hear over the guards. The Old Jail is OK if no one else is visiting. Otherwise you have to speak and listen through a metal hole in the glass.
Joe: ok,private.
Heidi: very cramped behind a glass
Dillon: Unknown.
Kami: jail
Linda: I was in a booth on the phone
Gregg: The visiting enviroment was non private. It is separated by a thin wall from the next inmate beside me so you can hear every word the other inmates are saying which made it hard to communicate with your own visitor who was there to see me. The way you communticate is through a glass wall using a phone.
Matthew: I am unsure of the visiting environment because I did not have visitors. From what I know, the environment had glass and a chair on each side, one for inmates and one for visitors. there was a phone so inmates could communicate with their visitors. I don't believe the phones were tapped.
Damon: In Tarrant County Jail the visitation was not so good because you had to see your visitor between a glass and talk to them through a telephone. The visitation in Hutchins state jail was really good. I was a trustee so I got to have open visitation outside. And my family should bring quarters for me to use in the vending machine
David: It was booths with chairs and glass. I sat on one side with a telephone and who ever was visiting me sat on the other side with one. The glass was bullet proof and it was noisy and sometimes hard to hear what my visitor was saying. No skin contact.
Justin: The visiting environment was in a small, phone-booth-type enclosed area. A piece of thick, shatter-proof plexiglass separated the offender from his or her visitor(s). Communication was had through wired phones that hung on each side -- one on the offender's wide and two on the visitors side. Cameras recorded all movement and activity in or around the visitation booth.
Steve: The visiting environment was very noisy at times but empty and quiet at other times. Sometimes I would be called to visit at the same time as one of my cellmates and we would be in connecting booths so it was like a family reunion so to speak. There are rules to the visiting area but they aren't strictly enforced for the most part.
Jack: It smelled like a old attic. Cold Springs is a elementary turned into a jail. Like we need less schools and more jails. The old auditorium is now the visitation area now. The free people are along the wall and then there's another wall half solid and half glass, at the bottom of the glass are a bunch of tiny whole where you talk through.
Rachel: It was unsanitary and no privacy. The visitors and the inmates were so disrespectful they would literally look over in the next booth to see what the other people looked like. The visitors would let there kids run around and people would leave dirty diapers in the visitor side of the booth
Conrad: a small room which you guys are secluded and separated by a plexi glass shield. You talk on a 2way phone in green bay utvwas kinda different it was open. Still a glass shield but no doors or phones allowed so it was less private I prefer visiting in the county
John: Visitation was pretty loud during peak times, and you had to talk on a phone with a thick piece of glass between you and the visitor. Usually one of the Corporals would patrol the area to make sure everyone was following the rules. Females couldn't wear skimpy clothes and the use of phones or other devices was not allowed.
Ted: It was small booths with a chair and a phone. Not much privacy on the visitors side and was pretty much filthy. Other visitors would look over to see what the inmates looked like and most yelled so you couldnt hear during your visit. People left dirty diapers and let their kids run wild

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