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Interview with Jon, Sabrina, Ronchie Boy, Gary, Lance, Seth, Liz, Nate, Duane and Aaron

JM: Did you find it difficult to get along with other inmates? Please give examples to explain why you did or didn't.
Jon: No not really
Sabrina: i got along with most inmates i would say there are criminals there but the majority of inamtes like me should not have been there in the first place.
Ronchie Boy: while in classification some guy took my cornbread, but I was already headed to the trash with it.
Gary: yes I got along well with the othere inmates I had frost bite on my feet in wicth the hospital removed all of my skin from my feet so the others felt sorry for me and took care of me
Lance: No I didn't, I was in Module 4 South B... which had pretty much all decent People just doing their time and trying to make the best out of a Crappy Situation... Everyone got along....
Seth: No. i didnt really find it hard to get along with other inmates but there were a couple that did try and test me, other than that everyone kind of looked out for me because i was one of the youngest.
Liz: i didn't talk much to anyone there for the first month i was there so i didn't have a problem with any body else that was in custody.after the first month i had trouble with one female there because she wouldnt stop talking.
Nate: Not for me because I get along with alot of people I'm not a trouble maker an don't like to have enemys so I just try an get along with everyone
Duane: most inmates are fine. there are always 2 or 3 who are bullies. some of these people are professional jailies and know hoe to work the deal. rather strange to me.
Aaron: no, in Trustee land everyone pretty much got along. The last few days I was there in PM Kitchen dorm there was a fight in Day Cleaners Dorm. Apparently, it had been brewing for some time and three people threw down. They were all immediately sent to the hole.

JM: What types of things did you have to do to avoid problems or fights with other inmates?
Jon: well notthing. I think most ppl want to avoid problems w/ me. But I just give people common respect
Sabrina: i did have 5 girls taughnting my door and me but i made bail right before they could do anything to me
Ronchie Boy: Just show respect, I had no problems with any inmates.
Gary: well you allways had your troublemakers especially the ones who were detoxing from opiates who would do or say anything for extra food espcially sweets my injuies to my feet were so severe and not healling that i was givvin an extra snack at the end of the day and i was conststaintly harassed by these people who were detoxing to give them my food
Lance: Nothing.. The people i was locked up with.. they weren't Harden Criminals.. or Crazy Convicts.. they were just Regular People... General Population...Everyone got along.
Seth: well i didnt have to worry about things like that too much. what i did to try and avoid those obstacles and situations is i got into my religious belief which is Christianity. i had a group of mentors i stayed talking to and asking for advice daily. i also worked out on a constant basis.
Liz: i just stayed in my cubical and read books most of the time, or walked in the enclosed outdoor area when it was our day to go outside. i didn't socialize with any of the regular inmates,except for the module worker,who you talked to if you required any supplies that you were out of.
Nate: Well if I was having problems with anyone I would tell them hey where both doing time hear an we could get along or not I'm very blunt an speak the truth so yeah if they still were having troubles I woukd just ignore them an do my time read a book or play cards
Duane: stay quiet, avoid eye contact etc. most inmates were very cool and we all got along well. I was in a dorm style place where we had tv and games and rec time. we were not the bad guys. they did not have any such life. the guards were reasonable and decent.
Aaron: Find people that aren't trouble makers, work hard and have basic social skills.

JM: Were you able to choose an inmate as your cellmate if you knew one? How often would your cellmate(s) change?
Jon: no
Sabrina: i wouldnt go to the phyc ward and get in a cell by yourself everyone in those walls needs major help
Ronchie Boy: no.
Gary: no one was alowed to choose there cell mates mine would change mostly every week or less it was very difficult to see people being released so often and them comming right back to jail
Lance: No you were not..... it honestly just depends on what Module you were in... I didn't have a cellmate... I shared a room with like 16 dudes in bunk beds...
Seth: I was not allowed to choose at all. you are classified by your crime and how bad your bad crime is. I got new cell mates frequently like 1 every 24 to 48 hours until i got in trustee.
Liz: no. you are assigned a bed number and they chose whom your celly was. i had about 20 different cellys due to the fact i was there for two months, most of which didn't stay more than 2 days.
Nate: I never got to pick my cell mate it was always somone I didn't kbow an I'm young so we didn't talk much just stuck to my self I got a new celly 1 a week
Duane: I was in a dorm type housing. there were about 50 of us at any time. people went in and out. we were always glad to see someone get out.
Aaron: I was in a dorm with 25 other men. For the most part every one got a long or aired there differences out in front of everyone.

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